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83rd Annual Academy Awards Live Blog

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Well it's the biggest night in film for bloggers like myself: THE OSCARS. And forgoing the usual predictions that I would do any other year, this year I am doing a live blog of the event. Why a live blog? Well honestly why not? That way my opinions can be literally fresh off the press when I get them. I'm not too keen on the Red Carpet usually, I just wait for the next week's issue of People or the Fashion Police on E! the next day, but if I see someone who looks really good I'll mention it. Otherwise during the show I will be posting as often as I can and hopefully you all enjoy.

So bookmark this page and stay tuned for a long night of awesome.

3:10: Saw Hailee Steinfield. She's actually looking really good tonight. She's wearing a pink Marchesa dress. Not sure she'll win tonight but I bet she's just excited to be there. Glad to see such young talent in today's Hollywood.

3:12: I don't know about ya'll but I think Jennifer Lawrence's Calvin Klein dress is really pretty. Red is a great color on her. Twitter doesn't seem to agree though lol. We'll see what the Fashion Police have to say afterwards.

3:14: Cheryl Hines, Virgina Madsen and Reese Witherspoon rocking the black...hopefully we'll see more black as the night goes on. Can't go wrong with black really. Expecting a lot of red and pink however. Maybe it's the whole Spring transition we seem to be going through right now.

3:20: I'm sorry I got distracted by Mila Kunis' hotness. Moving on.

3:25: Melissa Leo is looking gorgeous. What a classy lady. My pick to win Best Supporting Actress.

3:29: Russell Brand is here. Now it's a party. (Brought his mom..nevermind, he has to behave himself now lol)

3:30: Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips looking great. I love Busy on Cougar Town and Michelle is such a talented actress. I LOVED Blue Valentine (it was my pick for Best Film of the Year)

3:31: I wonder if Banksy is going to show up and if he does will it be masked or unmasked?
3:31: Just saw Mandy Moore. Have I seen that dress before? Looks familiar. Huh.

3:32: Amy Adams in lavender. B-E-A-utiful.

3:33: More red...and sequins. So many sequins lol.

3:37: A lot of focus on Michelle Williams and Melissa Leo it seems. And a lot of Ryan Seacrest being his usual self.

3:39: Anne Hathaway looks good, from the front. The back of her dress is weird. Oh well. Considering she will be changing about a dozen times tonight I figure she'll find something that looks good on her front AND back

3:41: I just heard the word nymphette. I'm switching over to E! for good. (Seacrest and all)

3:43: Jennifer Hudson in...take a But she looks stunning. Zachary Levi looks great too.

3:44: Tom Hooper's wife looks great. As much as I love David Fincher I kind of hope Tom Hooper wins Best Director.

3:46: Mark Ruffalo looks surprisingly good. So does Armie Hammer. Always expecting to see two of them though.

3:47: Damn I just lost 5 bucks. Geoffrey Rush is in fact NOT wearing a hat. He looks good though.

3:49: Florence Welch of Florence +the Machine is here. She's performing with A.R. Rahman since Dido couldn't. Can't wait to hear that.

3:51: Guliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne look great. But when was the last time Guliana ate?

3:52: Watching Florence and A.R getting interviewed. I think I need subtitles.

3:53: Ryan Seacrest is on a pedestal. Cue twitter overflowing with short jokes

3:54: Glad to see Animal Kingdom getting it's due. Jacki Weaver looks great.

3:56: Scar-Jo and Cate Blanchett *whistle* DAYUM

3:57: Can't focus. Scar-Jo..............................

3:59: seems red, sequins AND lavender are big this year. Lavender is such a great color.

4:01: Liking Marissa Tomei being very conservative. She is so naturally pretty that she doesn't need a whole lot of color.

4:03: Jesse Eisenburg looks like he's wearing the same outfit that he's worn to every award show. Change it up dude.

4:04: Justin Timberlake also brought his mom. Good to see such an emphasis on family tonight. First Russell, then Mark and now Justin.

4:06: Kevin Spacey is hilarious. Gotta love him.

4:07: Sharon Stone (flash to Basic Instinct) *drool*

4:08. Aron Ralston seems like a really nice guy. Glad to see he's as popular as he is. A definite inspiration

4:10: A lot of standing around it seems. I think the stars are anxious to get in and actually eat something.

4:11: What the F**k is Miley Cyrus doing here?

4:13: Helena Bonham Carter actually looks fairly normal. Digging the sunglasses and the hair. I forgot how pretty she was. Her clutch is interesting though...

4:15: Celine Dion looks good. Also it seems like every guy is having a George Clooney-esque tuxedo off.

4:16: "Amy Adams, Mila Kunis, Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter...maybe we'll get some A-Listers soon." Are you HIGH?! They ARE A-Listers. They need to fire this chick.

4:17: Haven't seen any dresses that are just flat out ugly yet. But the night is young.

4:18: Danny Boyle is so damn awesome. And is a F+TM fan... interesting. Wonder if he had input on who replaced Dido

4:20: Is it just me or does Colin Firth seem bored? Aaron Sorkin seems like he's made a great turnaround.

4:21: Hugh Jackman's head has been doing the "How ya doin?" tilt for five minutes straight now. I wish he would host again.

4:22: Nicole Kidman Probably my favorite dress of the night so far. She's so damn pretty.

4:24: Hillary Swank is eh. Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz look great together. Penelope's red dress is stunning.

4:25: John Hawkes is really humbled by his nomination. He's a talented actor and while I'm not sure he'll win, if he did I wouldn't be totally surprised.
4:25: old is Steven Speilberg's daughter? She looks great. Kinda brunette Taylor Swift-esque.

4:26: "I don't know if the fans are screaming for me...they are probably screaming for Halle Berry." Kevin Spacey.

4:27: Speaking of Halle. DAYUM
4:27: Christian Bale rocking the beard. Can't wait to hear his acceptance Hell...WHEN he wins

4:29: Sandra Bullock looks great. No arm candy though it seems.

4:30: Rupert Murdoch walks by and everyone parts lol.
4:30: Bale almost looks like Serj Tankian from System of a Down. It IS an epic beard though.

4:31: Matthew McConaughey is not smiling. Just cuz your doing a serious film doesn't mean you can't smile.

4:32: I like the Black Carpet express lane lol. Gwenyth Paltrow looks great.

4:33: Red Carpet is slowing down a bit. If I don't post in like 3-5 minutes don't think I left. It's mostly stand central right now lol.

4:40: More and more people seem to be taking the fast lane.

4:41: It's the year of kids and moms it seems. What's better than a purse? How about your significant other.

4:42: Mark Wahlberg is here. He's looking really good. Wonder why he was the last of The Fighter crew to show up

4:43: Banksy is apparently at the Oscars in a black suit. Well gee that's specific. Glad he's here though. Wonder what he has planned.

4:44: That said, Mr. Brainwash aka Thierry Guetta looks like hell. Shave man! SHAVE!
4:44: Warren Beatty and Annette Benning look good together.

4:45 Apparently the person who did the costumes for Kings Speech did Helena's dress. Interesting.

4:46: Downey is as hilarious as ever. Wonder if Charlie Sheen will crash.

4:47: It seems Hathaway's date is also her designer. Huh

4:48: Why is Donald Trump here? Screw it...he's so rich he can show up anywhere he wants. He has good picks with his winners though. Kings Speech, Natalie Portman, Colin Firth, Melissa Leo and Christian Bale.

4:51: Bale is just chatting it up with RDJ. His little crowd is gathered in the middle and is most of what's left of the carpet.

4:52: 40 minutes till the Academy Awards...can't wait.

4:53: Anne Hathaway is the youngest female host. Huh...awesome.
4:53: Most people still waiting on Portman it seems.

4:54: Still no Portman is wearing purple...or red...or reddish purple. She looks great though. Crowd went nuts for her. A lot of black, lavender, red, and sequins still. Great colors today.

4:55: 5 minutes till people are shuffled into the building to get ready for the broadcast. And then 30 minutes till the show.

4:56: The one thing I love about the Oscar show: things take forever to happen so I'll have plenty of time to update things. Phew.

4:58: "I don't care what people think about my fashion." HBC. Gotta love her individuality...and the fact she's wearing a garter and British flag.

5:00: People are walking and waving their way into the building. Now comes the waiting. I'll be here all night giving you updates on the Oscars. So stay tuned and enjoy. And if I miss anything or you want other opinions be sure to check out Napiers News Live Oscar Update here

5:01: And here Tonight is going to be an epic night!

5:05: Since I have time though here are some of my picks
Best Picture-The King's Speech (although Social Network could win too)
Best Actor-Colin Firth
Best Actress-Natalie Portman
Best Supporting Actress-Amy Adams (that's right)
Best Supporting Actor-Christian Bale
Best Original Song-A.R Rahman
Best Art/Wardrobe/Hair and Make Up Awards-The King's Speech
Best Sound Editing/Design-Social Network (if you saw the work they put in)
Best Animated- Toy Story 3
Best Documentary-Exit Through The Gift Shop

Those are a few of my picks with a few awards smooshed together. I'd give a full list but these were just off the top of my head. Thoughts?

5:16: Apparently ABC still has some Red Carpet footage. Ooookay...Robin Roberts is one tall woman. She looks stunning though.

5:17: From what I've read there will be a lot of "Scenic Transitions" at tonight's whatever that means. Should be interesting though.
5:17: I will say I AM expecting Hathaway and Franco to do a Crystal esque intro and insert themselves into the Best Picture films. I'm calling that now.

5:23: 7 minutes. Getting anxious.

5:25: If Deadline's schedule is correct then tonight will surely be a great night. One thing I will say is it's nice there are only a few Best Original Song nominees because as much as I love musical performances, they kinda take up a lot of time that could be better spent on heartfelt speeches.

5:26: That said, seeing Florence+The Machine perform (or at least Florence) should be awesome. And Gwenyth...but your enjoyment probably depends on your enjoyment of country.

5:33: The little countdown video featuring the song they played during the rowing scene in Social Network was awesome. Nice showcase of all ten films. The Hathaway/Franco in the movie thing is as expected but pretty funny actually.

5:34: Alec Baldwin drinking Capri Ambien? Nice.

5:35: Can Morgan Freeman narrate my dreams too? lol.

5:36: You just got Inceptioned!

5:37: Back to the Future reference...with Delorian! SQUEE. Also
Alec Baldwin: Who are those two?
Morgan Freeman: I have no idea.

5:42: The opening monologue is actually pretty good. It's not one of the best by any means but Anne and Franco have good chemistry. That and James grandma saying "I just met Marky Mark" and Anne's mom saying "Stand up straight dear Steven Spielberg is here" was funny.

5:43: Art Direction and Cinematography presented by Tom Hanks. Talking about Titanic. Like we really needed more Cameron love in the building...sigh.

5:45: And the winner for Art Direction is: Alice in Wonderland!

5:47: And the winner for Best Cinematography is: Inception!

5:48: Already a good night of somewhat surprises. Hopefully tonight is a night of surprises...or at least where surprises should be (Natalie should certainly win her Oscar) Now for commercials.

5:52:Kirk Douglas is giving out Best Supporting Actress. He looks good for his age.

5:55: Kirk Douglas is a hoot. "Ya know..." followed by a delay. Hilarious. That and "All Australians think I'm hilarious. Colin Firth isn't laughing. He's British."

5:58: And the winner for Best Supporting Actress is: Melissa Leo..who seems shocked. Her speech is nice. Very emotional which is what I like to see

6:02: Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake are up presenting Best Animated Picture and Best Animated Short.

6:04: The Winner for Best Animated Short is: The Lost Thing

6:06: The Winner for Best Animated Film is: Toy Story 3. No surprise there. I'm still waiting to see Banksy...pretty sure he's not Justin Timberlake though lol.

6:12: Anne is back on and she is doing a segment on the first Academy Awards. It's a nice piece. Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem are up doing Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Original Screenplay

6:13: The winner of Best Adapted Screenplay is: Aaron Sorkin. Good for him. He really needed this. His speech is nice too.

6:15: The winner of Best Original Screenplay is: David Seidler for The Kings Speech. A very well written movie. His speech is funny, brief and entertaining.

6:22: I gotta say this night has actually been pretty smooth so far. No bands, no real mess ups (besides Melissa Leo's brief F bomb lol) and really no delays except for Kirk Douglas' hilarious delay during Best Supporting Actress.

6:25: Hathaway and Franco switch outfits...ha... Hathaway sings about Hugh Jackman and Franco makes a Charlie Sheen joke. Classy as always. Next up is Russell Brand and Helen Mirren presenting Best Foreign Film.

6:28: The winner of Best Foreign Film is: In a Better World. I've been meaning to watch this one but I've heard it's good. Well apparently...since it won the Oscar and all.

6:30: Next up is Reese Witherspoon to give out the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

6:32: The winner of Best Supporting Actor is: Christian Bale...looking Jesus like as ever.

6:35: Bale's speech was very heartfelt. It was nice to see Dickie and his love he showed for his wife and kid was also very touching. I will say he is starting to sound more British than Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush combined.

6:38: I've been pretty correct so far with my predictions. I will say I've been 100% correct according to my ballot I did two weeks ago but my tonight predictions have been iffy so far lol.

6:40: Now it's time for the President of the Academy to talk aka bathroom break. Be right back. Next up though is supposedly Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman to present the award for Best Original Score...along with a scenic transition of the history of movie music.

6:41: The movie music piece is actually really awesome. And hey who doesn't love Star Wars?

6:44: The winner of Best Original Score is: The Social Network. Very deserving of the award. If you saw the feature on the music on the Blu-ray you'll know what I mean when I say they deserved it.

6:46: Matthew McConaughey and Scarlett Johanson are out to present Best Sound Editing and Sound Mixing.

6:47: The winner of Best Sound Mixing: Inception! Happy to see Inception win another award. The sound was amazing in that movie.

6:50: The winner of Best Sound Design: Inception! Once again very happy for the film. That street scene is perfect proof as to why it deserves the award too.

6:54: Marissa Tomei is out to talk about the Sci-Tech Awards

6:56: Cate Blanchett talks about Lord of the Rings before presenting the Best Make up and Best Costume Oscars

6:58: The winner for Best Makeup: The Wolfman. Kinda surprised but the make up was about the only good thing in that whole movie so...good for them

7:00 The winner for Best Costume is: Alice in Wonderland. It's second award tonight, apparently the Oscars love the look and design of Alice in Wonderland. I will admit the costumes WERE cool though.

7:01: Next up is a Movie Music I Remember tribute video. Some good songs in there. Glad to see Obama involved.

7:02: Kevin Spacey is up to introduce Randy Newman performing his nominated song.  Spacey is awesome performing a bit from Top Hat and introducing himself as Clooney. Always worth a laugh.

7:04: Newman was good. Spacey then introduces Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore.

7:06: Levi was surprisingly good, as I haven't seen him sing much (or really at all besides one song) and Moore was good as well. Now they got the Disney songs out of the way. We'll see if they do the other two after the break.

7:12: Guess not. Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams are up are presenting Best Documentary and Live Action Short.

7:13: The winner of Best Documentary Short: Strangers No More

7:15: The winner of Best Live Action Short: God of Love

7:17: Now for a comedy bit in which scenes from movies are autotuned are turned into songs. Pretty funny actually.

7:19: Oprah is presenting Best Documentary. Her speech is long but really poignant. I enjoyed it.

7:22: The winner for Best Documentary is: Inside Job. This pisses me off. Especially considering I thought Inside Job was boring and not that well done. Sad that they brought Banksy and one of the Restrepo soldiers all the way to the Academy Awards for nothing...damn

7:27: Up next is Billy Crystal giving a speech. He's always a joy to listen to.

7:30: I think it's pretty cool that they are doing the hologram of Bob Hope to show what it would have been like to watch him host all those years ago today.

7:32: RDJ and Jude Law are presenting Best Visual Effects and Best Editing.. These guys are great together.

7:33 The winner for Best Visual Effects: Inception. Damn straight. Those effects were breathtaking.

7:35: Another quick joke from RDJ and the winner of Best Editing is: The Social Network. Deserving but kinda would have wished Inception was nominated. Oh well.

7:41: Jennifer Hudson comes out to introduce A.R. Rahman and Florence (of Florence+the Machine) to sing the next song.

7:43: It sounds really good actually. I like that song. Next up is Gwenyth Paltrow singing "Coming Home" from Country Strong.

7:45: Gwenyth sounded lovely and got great applause. They re-cap the nominees and...Randy Newman wins! Good for him. Loved his "winning percentage doesn't matter" line.

7:53: Now it's time for the In Memoriam with Celine Dion singing Smile. I got tissues.

7:55: I'll admit it. I cried. I miss Leslie Neilson, Pete Postlewaite and Dennis Hopper. Halle Berry then introduces a tribute to Lena Horne. It's a very touching tribute.

8:01: Hillary Swank and Kathryn Bigelow are out to give the award for Best Director

8:03: The winner of Best Director is: Tom Hooper. Well to some that's a shocker (myself included) but to many it's not. Good for him though since he definitely is talented.

8:06: Annette Bening talks about the Governors Ball. Some great winners there. Eli Wallach, Kevin Brownlow and Francis Ford Coppola. They got standing ovations.

8:11: James and Anne briefly talk about the Hollywood Walk of Fame and then introduce Jeff Bridges to give out Best Actress.  His intro of each actress was great and felt very heartfelt.

8:17: The winner of Best Actress: Natalie Portman. I figured as much and honestly I'm really happy for her. Her speech is great too.

8:20: Next up Sandra Bullock is giving out the award for Best Actor. She does what Jeff does and gives each a proper intro. I especially liked her comment about General Hospital to James Franco.

8:26: The winner of Best Actor: Colin Firth. Deserved if you've ever seen the movie. He gives the role of a lifetime. I thoroughly enjoyed him in the movie as well as his speech. Congrats dude.

8:32: Steven Spielberg is out to announce Best Picture. What could it be?

8:36: Loved the tribute to the ten films video they did with the George's speech behind it. Flowed really well. The winner of Best Picture is: The King's Speech. Kind of surprised but not really considering the momentum the film has had in recent weeks. Not only that but the tribute video was very heavy handed on King's Speech. Good for it though.

8:40: And with that the Oscars are over. But not before a choir of small children from Staten Island sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Why? Because we needed a cheesy, happy ending to this award show. That and maybe they are making up for not nominating Waiting for Superman. Oh well. Thank you good night!

And with that my live blog of the Academy Awards is over. It was a chore but it was worth it. Hopefully all of you enjoyed it and I can't wait to do this next year.

From my screen to yours, I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

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