Monday, August 17, 2009

If noone is in the kitchen, who's to see?

Hi I'm the Movie Encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, than i will!

I run many blogs but I have high hopes for this one. And even though I may seem outdated at times or a bit sporadic with posts I will try to keep this going as long as I have 9 dollars.
Today's movie is the movie I just saw yesterday so it is fresh in my memory. It is Julie & Julia.

Julie & Julia is the true story of two women who tried to make a difference with food. One is the story of Queens New York resident Julie Powell. In 2002 she along with her cat and husband moved into a 900 sq ft house above a pizza parlor. She worked a middle class government job but loved to cook. She gets inspired by her friend to make a blog. But not just any blog (like mine) but a blog based around cooking. Too broad she thought. She then decided to dedicate it to Julia Child, the famous American chef who coined the phrase Bon Apetit as well as having her own show The French Chef

That clip was to remind everyone of the French chef as well as to bring back good memories.

The other true story is that of Julia Child the aforementioned author and cook. It tells of her ventures in France with her husband as well as how the book Mastering the Art of French Cooking came to be.

Its a superb movie. Its not flashy, not over-the-top and in fact at times seems extremely simple. But in a good way. Meryl Streep (the goddess herself) plays Julia Child with Amy Adams (love her) playing Julie. Both performances are great but Meryl definitely stands out.

Meryl has a knack for REALLY getting into her roles. That's what makes her so good. If she plays a nun she will play the best nun ever. If she plays Julia Child she will play the best Julia Child, if she will play a bitch than she will be the best bitch ever! But that's what makes her so good.

She nails the voice, the kindness, the aura, everything that embodies Julia Child down to the laugh. There is no other person that could have played Julia Child, except perhaps maybe Julia Child. Sadly she passed away. Meryl's performance is a great dedication to Julia.

Amy Adams is great but interesting. Amy does so great with her roles and she has that Streep-esque devotion to her craft but she only has one gleaming flaw: she can't not be adorable. That's not me hitting on her but look at this

Tell me, how is this NOT adorable. That wide-eyed enthusiasm, that big smile and that essence of cuteness is her downfall. She was great in the movie Doubt but the reason she didn't win the Oscar (the nod was nice though) was because she was too cute. Even when she is serious you always just wanna go Awwww. I mean you just want to hug her. And that's her problem. She has a great quirky sense of humor in this film. You can see her dedication and her passion. She does the role great. But in the more serious moments of the film you cant take her seriously. But I do appreciate how well she did in this movie

The writing is great but sometimes feels a bit dull. There's moments in the movie where the talking is really pointless and what could be described in a passing sentence is drawn out to 5 minutes. The directing is great though, the transitions are flawless and done really "Thirteen Ghosts" like with pan aways that change midway through. Very well done. Nora Ephron really brings pizazz to the movie.

My only true flaw with the movie though is the length. 124 minutes. Like i said some parts are really stretched out and honestly the film could have been an hour and a half. But you never have a watch moment so its all good.

Overall it was a well made movie and I recommend it to anyone who wants to get to know Julia Child, or anyone who enjoys feel good films. *Warning* Don't see it on an empty stomach though.


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