Monday, August 24, 2009

This is basically a guy, and there's 3 humans here, basically trying to make a warning, you know, saying "I kill 3 humans, watch out for me."

Ahh it feels so refreshing after reviewing the Goods to review such a wonderous film like District 9. If you didn't already know I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will watch it, I will.

You owe it to yourself to see this movie. Not since Star Wars or the Terminator has their been a more defining science fiction experience. I'm not exaggerating when I say its not only one of the best movies of the year but also one of the best ever. They take a simple concept or a simple story and craft into a deep socially impactful film that speaks to the heart as well as to the soul.
District 9 is a docu-fi movie. Its shot in a documentary like style (a la Blair Witch or Cloverfield) but it never feels like a shaky "I'm gonna throw up" documentary. It's loosely based on a short film Alive in Joburg which was directed by Neil Blomkamp. Why is that name important? He is also the guy who directs District 9. So his baby wasnt put into good hands, it stayed in good hands. Because of his visual mastery he was also chosen to do the now kaput Halo film, so you know he has cred. But with his style mixed with Peter Jackson's blessing, this first time film director now has a spot in the film hall of fame.
I'm not the only one who thinks its great. Its gotten pretty overwhelmingly good reviews so you DONT have to listen to me!
But District 9 as well as Joburg is loosely based around the idea of District Six in Cape Town located in South Africa. If you dont know what happened there, its okay, I'll tell you. District Six was a slum in South Africa. Because of political issues it was deemed a whites only slum and during that time 60,000 people were forcably removed from their homes with their homes destroyed shortly after. Most of the people were black or non-white and because of the color of their skin, a lot of people were treated like dirt. This film is like that except with aliens.
Its a subtle message that really spoke to me. The film feels real. There are only a few times where you actually notice the aliens are CGI. These "prawns (nicknamed after the South Afican cricket of the same name)" are refugees that are being treated like crap. They crash landed on Earth and its the tale of District 9 but more importantly Wikus van de Merwe, a pencil pushing nerd.
Its funny too with most sci-fi movies. The aliens are either completely peaceful people like ET

or destructive powerhouses on a mission to destroy earth and everyone living in it.

Either way the humans are good guys and the aliens are either good or bad. In District 9 you sympathize with the aliens and (with the exception of one) all the humans look like huge jerks. Its a scenario we have never seen in a film before and it is really interesting how that movie can make us feel for giant prawn/cricket CGI aliens like they are actual people. Very clever District 9.

Im not gonna say anything more plot wise but I will say for any action movie fan who hates "boring documentary like films" the third act of the movie really picks up and is pretty exciting.
It has heart, drama, excitment, action, brilliant effects, brilliant direction, action, producing. It was an awesome movie. It's worth seeing, worth owning and is definetly in my top 10 movies of all time...and so will inglourious basterds probably.



  1. Didn't know the films connection to District Six. In your review you write it was a whites only slum and imply it was the whites who were forced out. Maybe this was a typo. District Six was a multi-racial area, and by our standards undoubtedly a slum, but is reported as a vibrant, cultural area for the working class living there. Yes, 60,000 were removed forcibly when it was made into a whites only area when apartheid policies dictated a segregation of the races. Mostly blacks were forced out and relocated in a worse area and the homes and buildings of District Six razed and the area was rebuilt as a whites only district.

  2. Yeah it was a my bad on my part. I meant to say it was a whites only slum and 60,000 people were forced out. I probably should have been clearer on how it was a whites only slum after 60,000 people were forcibly removed. Well thats why I have an edit button. Thanks for catching that and hope you enjoyed my review