Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Demented Encyclopedia Episode 8-It wasn't THAT bad

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Well in this special Part 1 of our 2 part series on Animation we decided to cover Animated films and specifically the three (or four possibly) major animation studios: Disney/Pixar, Dreamworks and Studio Ghibli. We compared the styles, the tones, messages and overall quality of the films. For once me and Nick actually had a heated debate as we debated which was the best Pixar film and in the end which was the better overall studio.

But first we started off with plugs and I did a three way plug for He Shot Cyrus. My buddy Scott is doing a blog-a-thon in which you send your best post that you think you've ever written and it becomes part of the blog-a-thon. Him and his wife Whitney are also doing a month of Foreign films which has turned out to be quite interesting. Also his "Thanks for Writing" contest is going strong and in fact you are looking at the April Winner. I'll do a formal post when the prizes come in (just so you can see my goofy mug) but be sure to go over to He Shot Cyrus to get all the details and rules.

After the plugs and the main topic we did a brief but thoughtful Reality Show Round Up covering Survivor and American Idol (trust me the interviews are coming). Then we got into Recommend A's in which Nick recommended the arguably country band Sons of Sylvia. Meanwhile I plugged the debut album of Bobby Ray aka B.O.B whose album is one of the best I've heard in terms of hip-hop. Mostly, as I explain, it's because he doesn't focus on weed, drugs, pimps, hos or the usual rap/hip hop stuff but instead dreams and achievement and actually worthwhile topics.

We then finished up with our Mono/Dialogues of the Week. Nick sang a piece from Beauty and the Beast and I did the hot internet parody video "The Adventures of Chappy (I accidently say Chuckles) LeStrange."

Stay tuned this Saturday for Part 2 in which we discuss animated TV shows of the past and present. Hopefully this cold will go away and I won't sound like an angry tranny come showtime.


  1. I've already listened to it - some great talking points. But I reckon you guys loving Studio Ghibli so much says more about your understanding of cinema (that you know a fair bit) than the reality. Bottom line is anime was highly influenced by Disney - the big eyes, etc. Disney broke so many boundaries that, despite the commerical aspect to the company, back in the day nothing touched it for a reason: they were flawless animators. Dreamworks and Ghibli would be lost without them.


  2. Simon: I was actually aware of the anime/Disney connection, and I had meant to bring it up during the podcast and completely forgot. But it was part of my decision in choosing Disney/Pixar over Ghibli in the final decision.