Friday, May 7, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs Villains Interview with Candice Woodcock and Danielle DiLorezo

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Well last nights episode of Survivor was a doozy. As we get closer and closer to the finale, with the producers realizing that they have more contestants than they do weeks left, we got to see a DOUBLE elimination this week! Not that it's new to Survivor or anything, I mean it's happened once already this season but still it's always good to see the time on the show being put to good use instead of Outback Steakhouse commercials or pointless filler. They got to the meat and potatoes of the show and delivered a stellar episode. Not the most memorable by any means but it certainly brought some surprising results. The outcome? Two Survivors, a hero and a villain, both got voted off. Was it strategy, dumb luck or is Russell trying his damnedest to make sure he doesn't get outsmarted? Who really knows. But in the end Candice and Danielle went home and now I got both of them to interview. This is my first duo interview so cut me some slack but hopefully it gives the same feeling as you would get from a singular interview.

The Movie Encyclopedia: Hello ladies.
The Ladies: Hey, thanks for interviewing us.

TME: No thank you...Alright. First question and this is for both of you: Why did you decide to do Survivor again?

Candice: Well it was hard being away from my fiancée and because of Survivor I had to push the wedding back ten months but for me I always loved Survivor. It challenges you physically and mentally in ways that you wouldn't expect. It's a feeling you can't get from anything else and if you get the chance it is totally worth it.

Danielle: I have to agree. I mostly did it because I came in second the first time and I wanted to prove to everyone and to myself that I could do it again. I enjoy pushing myself and while I didn't win I was blessed to team with some of the best Survivors of the past seasons and to make it as far as I did.

TME: On that note do you think you'd do it again?

Candice: Probably. I'd have to think about it first but if it seems like the right time and I'm still in good enough shape to do it I would be hard pressed to say no.

Danielle: Totally. It's such a fun game to not only watch but to play as well that I would do it again in a heartbeat.

TME: So what was it like going to stay with the jury?

Candice: It was tough for me. When I arrived they all gave me the silent treatment. They would talk to Danielle and to each other but not to me. I was pretty bummed out but if they wanted to be immature that's fine. The food was amazing and Danielle and I were still friends so I didn't really need to worry about them. The next morning however Amanda came to me and we worked out our differences. Eventually the rest of them warmed up, all except for J.T, and it wasn't that bad.

Danielle: It wasn't that bad for me. I tried not to piss too many people off and Candice, Coach, Courtney and I got along just fine. There was some initial tension between Amanda and I but we worked out our differences and everything was fine.

TME: I have a question for Danielle-Did you think you were going home?

Danielle: Honestly no...or at least not at first. Russell, Parvati and I were the ringleaders of the Villains tribe. We were really close and did everything as a team. Sandra and Jerri were mostly there to pad out our votes but still I thought the villains got along fine. Then when Russell started talking to Parv and I about flipping on each other I got kind of worried. I tried confronting Russell about it at tribal council and he just kept lying to Parv and everyone else. I got so frustrated and so hurt that I started crying. Once I started crying I knew my time was probably up. I had a feeling I was going home then.

TME: Now one for Candice- What was your strategy in the game? You didn't really seem to stand out as a big personality or anything in fact you seemed probably the most normal. Did you intentionally stay in the background or what?

Candice: I just wanted to play it safe. None of the heroes tribe wanted me there. Colby and Rupert spent most of their time calling me weak and pathetic so I knew that if I stirred up any sort of trouble whatsoever that I would be gone ASAP. I don't know why they thought that but I guess I couldn't change their minds. So I stayed in the back, kept to myself and went along with everyone else. More and more peOnce we merged I had to switch things up a little and look where that got me.

Take the last challenge I did. I didn't step off because I was really craving a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, I was doing it because after I switched teams I wanted to keep my head down as much as possible. But with Rupert and Colby still dead set on getting rid of me, I knew things wouldn't turn out so well.

TME: Alright for both of you-what are your opinions on the rest of the people left?

Candice: Colby's a nice guy but very black and white about everything. He doesn't switch things up and he doesn't evolve with the game. He also seems to like to sit in the back and let everybody else do everything. He's also really stubborn because once he has an idea about you he won't let go. Probably why I ended up going home. I've never liked Rupert past or present and especially this season he has been quite whiny. Sandra's nice but a bit too no nonsense for me.

Danielle: Parv is great and playing, at least in my opinion, on the same level as Russell. She knows what she wants and won't let anyone stand in her way. Russell is a great player but a horrible person. That and he smells to high hell. Jerri is nice but is too flip floppy. She goes back and forth way too much and eventually that can get you in trouble. It also doesn't help that she's riding Russell's coattails. That never turns out well.

TME: So what's next for you ladies?

Candice: I'm going to enjoy being married (NOTE: she got married after the show ended) and finish up medical school.

Danielle: Mostly just living in L.A and auditioning for different things. Modeling, acting, reality shows, you name it I'm auditioning for it.

TME: Well good luck to both of you ladies and I wish you the best.

The Ladies: Thanks, have a nice weekend.

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