Friday, May 7, 2010

He Shot Cyrus Thanks for Writing April Winner!

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

I love to visit other people's blogs. I also love to share my opinions of what I think of some of their posts. The problem usually comes down to two things: Captchas, which I understand but can be cumbersome and how many blogs I actually read. If you go to my profile you will see I'm following AT LEAST 100 other blogs. It's hard to comment on all of them.

One site I have casually read on and off since becoming a LAMB is He Shot Cyrus. It's best known for the coverage of Sundance, it's poster analysis unlike anything I've seen and a quirky sense of humor. In the past couple months He Shot Cyrus has started up a new contest called the Thanks For Writing Contest. Each month you are encouraged to leave deep and thoughtful comments on his site and each comment gives you an entry into that months contest. At the end of the month it all gets counted up and he picks a random name and sends you some prizes. At the end of the year there will be a grand prize which should be interesting. I plugged HSC a few times in my last podcast so if you want more details on the contest and other things going on just be sure to go visit. I thank Scott for the prizes and now here is my doofy mug with the prizes...
PS: I'll incorporate the films into my next Haul.

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