Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why did I even make the Google Calendar if nobody's going to use it? It really hurts my undead feelings.

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

For the most part I usually don't review shorts and if I do it's usually in a pack of them because I find it hard to write a whole lot about them. But the Mark Blitch directed and Alan Tregoning/Jason Walter Vaile written short "The Code" definitely deserves it's own review, especially from someone who loves zombie comedies like me.

The story follows a couple (Daylon Walton and Tamara Voss) on their first date relaxing in a park when all of a sudden zombies attack. But before they can get away, a masked man with a weed wacker tries to attack them. This causes one of the zombies (Taylor Brandt) to speak up and demand why Carl (Todd Terry), the man in the mask, is trying to move in on their kill. According to his Google Calendar it is the zombies time to kill and this sparks an argument between the two, all while the couple sit there scared out of their minds. Soon they are joined by Neil (Ben Rogers), a vampire, who tries to act as a sort of mediator between the two and thus the insanity ensues.
While it may only be about six minutes long, this short packs a lot of humor and does beg the question of how all these killing monsters figure out who gets to kill what and when. That's where the Calendar, as well as book known as "The Killing Code" come in to play. The short is full of great homages to other horror films (the zombie's name is Shaun, I can't be the only one who gets THAT reference) as well as plenty of quotable one liners. It's really no wonder this short won so many awards at the Splatterfest Festival in Houston, and has a 92% approval rate on FunnyorDie, which is where you can watch this short. 

If you love horror movies or comedies I wholeheartedly recommend you watch this. It's only six minutes and trust me when I say it's six minutes well spent. If anything I wish it would have been longer. Kudos to everyone involved.


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