Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Movie Meme Day 17-Favorite Film Series

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Look I am probably going to get a lot of flack for this one. But if you are going to comment and just say "You're wrong (enter series) is a lot better," save it. The Bond series is amazing and my number 3 favorite, and by a millapoint Star Wars is number 2. By that I mean it switches up all the time and it has for years. But when I really sit down and think...The Matrix is and always will be my favorite series. The message, the action, what it did for special effects, the allegories to many different themes and religions, it's a brilliant series.

Plus it has Agent Smith. It's hard to beat Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith.

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  1. It's not my FAVOURITE film series, but you still won't be getting any flack from me man!

    I think Matrix 2 and 3 are both GREAT movie (although not a patch on the first one, which is a flat our masterpiece). AMAZING action, cool concepts, and Agent Smith is one of the best villains of modern cinema; I think of him as the ultimate personification of rage