Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Happy 101 Award

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Well it's been a while since my last award, or an award I haven't already did a post for, so I was a bit surprised when Simon of Screen Insight (Home of the Simon and Jo Film Show), gave me an award. Not only that but a new award, one I have never heard of or seen before, called the Happy 101 award.

For receiving this award, the recipient must list off ten things that bring him joy and then tag 10 other bloggers to do this award.

So without further ado


Yes I know that seems odd but whenever somebody gives me a comment or takes time to write something even as simple as "Good job" or "Nice review" it really makes my day and brings me joy. It's the little things in life eh?

2. White Noise-
Not the movie series, although the second one is pretty good, white noise has always been a big help for me. Whether it's fans, the sound of the highway, or just humming noises white noise always makes me really happy. Sometimes when I'm having trouble sleeping or concentrating I'll turn on the bathroom fan and sit and think.

3. Reality Shows-
An odd choice if you think about it but I love watching reality shows, especially ones with really stupid people, because it makes me feel really smart and like I'm an advanced human species. I like feeling smart. That and half of these shows are hilarious.

4. Browsing stores-
Not buying but browsing. It's amazing the kind of gems you'll stumble upon when you take the time to browse up and down the isles.

5. The smell of a movie theater-
You know the smell. Plastic, popcorn, soda fountains and other people are blended perfectly to make a smell that any movie lover like myself can smell a mile away.

6. Tosh.0-

He's freaking hilarious.

7. Puppies and kitties-
They are just so damn cute! I mean if they don't make you smile than you are Hitler...or allergic.

8. The Glitch Mob-
Damn they are a good electro band. The perfect car listening music, especially if you are just going for a cruise around town.

9. Sweedish choir kids singing Radiohead's Creep and it ending up on The Social Network's trailer-
I mean Radiohead is an amazing band, and Sweeds are pretty cool. So take a Sweedish children's choir and have them sing Creep...awesome.

10. Chocolate-

It makes the world go round.

As for bloggers to tag...most people got tagged that I know. So this is an open invitation to wanna do the award? Do it!


  1. Comments make my life.

    Reality shows challenge it.

    So confused...

  2. Chocolate is food from the Gods. It could probably make poop taste good!

  3. I just started watching Tosh.0 recently and he hasn't disappointed. That show is hilarious.