Monday, July 5, 2010

Jack of All Trades PLAY BY PLAY Episode 2: Sex and the Single Spy

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Now it is time to look at Episode 2 which is entitled "Sex and the Single Spy."

The episode starts with Emilia approaching Croque and Brogard. Emilia is "waiting for a shipment" while the other two are waiting for the world's greatest French spy to dock on Palau Palau.

Bernard Sempenard (It's French excuse me if I'm spelling it wrong) aka The Shadow of Death has arrived with a code that will allow the Governor and himself to take out all the artists and people who stand in the way of the French government. He's posing as Mr. Martin, a lighthearted gentlemen and has a very distinguished laugh.
After some light introductions, Bernard is trapped in a foot rope trap which hangs him from a pulley on the dock. With Bernard incapacitated, Jack swoops in, fights some soldiers, grabs the briefcase which is believed to have the code, and rides off on his trusty steed Nutcracker (guess why).
Jack and Emilia arrive back at the lab only to find out that nothing was in his briefcase besides a fancy pair of boxers. Disappointed Emilia instead shows off a new creation of hers which can momentarily blind someone. It seems to work and she is pleased with the results, much to the pain and chagrin of Jack.

Later at the croquet game with Emilia, Croque and Bernard it is revealed that he always keeps his most secret information on his person. With this knowledge, as well as the knowledge of an upcoming dinner party with Bernard present, Jack and Emilia come up with a plan to get the information off of Bernard.
Jack has the idea that Emilia could seduce Bernard and take the information in the heat of the moment. Emilia is hesitant but agrees which leads Jack to believe Emilia is rusty. So Jack shows off his best seduction moves which garner mostly laughs. One seduction technique rattles Emilia and actually pisses her off, but not for long.
Meanwhile Brogard brings Bernard a new pair of boxers while they look for his briefcase. Brogard is suspicious of Bernard and the fact that for a spy he is so happy-go-lucky. Bernard pins Brogard to a wall revealing his true nature...and his intention of sleeping with Emilia. Brogard is slightly disgusted by this and leaves.
Later at the party, Jack talks with the antagonists while waiting for Emilia. Emilia comes in just as things are getting awkward and blows the guys away...especially Jack. Brogard confronts Emilia saying that Bernard has bad intentions (a rare good guy moment for him) but Emilia brushes him off.

She then proceeds to seduce Bernard and accidentally spills wine on him, an act which causes them both to go back to the bedroom. Bernard reveals his true nature and chases Emilia around the room trying to get into her pants. She eventually convinces him to start a bath and then sneaks out into the bedroom and starts looting through his clothes, with Jack's (as Dragoon) help.
They go through all of Bernard's possessions only to come up short. Bernard comes out and it revealed that the code is on his long john silver. To keep cover Emilia sprays Jack with the blinding spray and "accidentally" sprays Bernard as well. Brogard and his men run in as well and a blind fight begins.
While Bernard throws knives, Jack sword fights and Brogard blindly directs, Emilia grabs something to write with and write on and jots down the code located on his statue of liberty. With everyone still blinded and code in hand, Emilia and Jack escape back to the lab and give over the codes.
With everything safe and sound the episode ends with Jack and Emilia talking and Emilia seducing Jack like he did to her earlier ending with her saying "Now we're even..."



A great episode overall with a great antagonist character, a great story and lots of great jokes and back and forth between Jack and Emilia.

5 out of 5 (trust me there is no math to this just trust me)

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