Friday, July 9, 2010

Jack of All Trades PLAY BY PLAY Episode 10: Dead Woman Walking

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Here is part 2 of Day 5, the spooky episode 10 "Dead Woman Walking."

The episode begins with Jack and Emilia trying on clothing. Jack is hesitant to getting clothing and thinks that Emilia has way to many clothes as it is and really needs to slow down. Emilia brushes off the idea and says that they should go shopping after this. Jack sighs but agrees.
Meanwhile some religious figures are having a memorial service. They reach the graveyard and start carrying the coffin to the tomb where most prominent or apparently most people are buried. When they get there though they find out that the graves have been defiled and the person apparently behind it is the Daring Dragoon himself.
Jack and Emilia know that this is complete bollocks and so they decide to stake out the graveyard. Problem is that Jack is afraid of graveyards and doesn't like being there. But they stay the night, sleep in shifts and eventually wake up the next morning with apparently nothing have happened. When they awaken though the Dragoon had struck again.
Confused they go in and find a note that is indeed signed by the Dragoon. Emilia figures there must be another entrance and that the only way to get in there is by faking her own death. So she takes medicine that puts her in a coma and they fake a funeral. Jack thinks Croque and Brogard might do something like try and incinerate her so he gets in the box with her and locks it behind him.
Well Croque and Brogard do just that and Jack now must try to wake up Emilia and find a way out of the incinerator. Emilia wakes up to the shock that the coffin is on fire and Jack has the idea to rock the coffin out of the incinerator, something that could look dirty from another angle. But they get out and find out that...
...Brogard is the one behind it all. Him and Croque want to give the Dragoon a bad enough name to where people hate him and they think defiling graves is one of the worst things you could do. So what do Emilia and Jack do? Get revenge.
The Dragoon arrives at Croque's office where a giant fight ensues. This ultimately causes Jack to run down the secret entrance to the graveyard and into the tomb with Brogard and Croque right behind. Just when Croque and Brogard seem to think they have won...
...Emilia appears as a zombie chastising them for what they did. They promise to pay the families and reveal themselves to be the culprits as long as she doesn't eat their brains. She agrees and they run off screaming.
The episode ends with Jack and Emilia ruffling Croque and Brogard's feathers, while also revealing that Emilia is in fact not dead. Jack and Emilia revel in this ruffling and the episode ends.

The Verdict:

Entertainment: 4
Plotline: 3
Jokes: 3.5
Acting: 3.5
Technical: 5

A great and spooky episode. A good job.

3.5 out of 5

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