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Jack of All Trades PLAY BY PLAY Episode 7: Daddy Dearest

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Welcome to Day 4 of Jack of All Trades where we will be covering two episodes focused heavily on Emilia as well as Emilia and Jack's relationship. The first one focuses on Emilia's family and is Episode 7 entitled "Daddy Dearest."

The episode begins with Emilia seducing Jack and offering sex. Jack, who is secretly crushing on her, accepts and they start to get hot and heavy. But this is the 1800s so women's clothes didn't come off that easy and Jack seems to be having trouble getting part of her dress off. But as soon as he looks back up at Emilia it seems Emilia is now Croque in a dress.
This freaks out Jack and he wakes up from the nightmare. It seems the nightmare was induced by a knockout gas that Emilia has developed. Problem is that it has side effects that don't seem to be too pleasant and we just saw one of them: hallucinations and nightmares. Jack composes himself before Jean Claude makes an appearance saying that a box with a red X has appeared at the dock and it is supposed to be delivered to Emilia and Jack with the utmost importance.
When they get to the dock and open the package it turns out to be Emilia's father, who also happens to be England's greatest spy. And it also happens that Jack knows Emilia's father and they fought against each other in the Revolutionary War. They seem to buddy up pretty quickly, leaving Emilia in the dust. Emilia wants to help but every time she tries to help, her dad butts in and refuses to listen or let her help.
The mission, now that all three are there, is to attack a French armory that poses a threat to England, America and the people of Palau Palau. If they can blow up the armory than the people are safe for another day. Emilia wants to use the knockout gas and solve the problem right then and there but Emilia's dad doesn't believe in the idea and Jack would rather go Dragoon on everybody. Emilia is disgruntled but let's them do their own thing.
Jack and Emilia's father rush the armory but Emilia's father is overwhelmed by the soldiers and Jack has to save him. This causes Emilia's father to reveal that this is supposed to be his last mission and that his age must really be catching up with him. Emilia and Jack reassure him and tell him that he can certainly do the mission himself (with Jack and Emilia sneaking behind the scenes to help in any way they can).
Emilia drops the knockout gas on the soldiers which causes them to be total pushovers when her dad comes rushing in. He gets in the armory no problem and when more soldiers come by then it's up to Jack to distract them while Emilia's dad handles the situation. With Emilia's help he does and...
The episode end with Jack and Emilia saying goodbye to her dad and then talking about the origin of Frou Frou. Emilia promptly explains and then brings up Little Willy, to which Jack dodges the question and changes the subject.

The Verdict:

Entertainment: 2
Plotline: 2
Jokes: 2
Acting: 3
Technical: 5

This episode has hands down one of the best explosions of the series but besides that it's a mediocre episode full of useless talking and a giant plot hole that could have made the episode 10 minutes or less.

2 out of 5

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