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Jack of All Trades PLAY BY PLAY Episode 5: The People's Dragoon

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Today is Day 3 of our coverage of Jack of All Trades and it will be covering a decent episode and one of my favorite episodes. First up is the decent one: Episode 5 entitled "The People's Dragoon."

This is the first episode to use the newspaper headline technique that they implement throughout a good portion of the rest of the series. But Episode 5 is the first to use it and it brings up the major problem and ultimately the mission for the episode. Some "pirates" stole a bunch of gold from America and they don't know where it went. But let's not worry about it now because we have a very explosive dinner party to attend.
Jack, Emilia, Croque and Brogard are all at dinner eating some food. Things seem to be going normally for the most part until Emilia sees one of the cooks/maids/workers (not sure which) putting a gun together. She is alarmed by this and drops her napkin hoping Jack will "help find it." Jack is hesitant at first but after some slight "nudging" agrees to do so. Jack sees no problem with Croque and Brogard getting shot but Emilia says that the people who would take over would be much worse and much more competent than those two and that the girl was young and shouldn't die at such a young age.
After some more discussion Jack agrees to help Croque by jumping in front of the bullet that the worker shot. Jack appears dead but it is revealed that he had a piece of metal in his shirt that stopped the bullet. Croque is thankful to Jack and orders the girl executed but Jack and Emilia assure Croque that it was all a security test and that they hired the girl. They agree not to execute her and let her go.
Soon after we find Jack and Emilia in the marketplace where Jean Claude gives them the mission of finding the lost gold which has been rumored to be on the island. Jack and Emilia agree to check out Croque's vault which would be the most likely place that they would have hidden the gold. But before they can do that they run into...
...the worker. She reveals that they ruined her one shot at getting revenge on Croque and that her parents are in jail and that they need to do something. Jack agrees to do everything in his power to help out the girl and that Croque would get his just desserts in the long run.

Shortly after it is revealed that Croque does in fact HAVE the gold and will be transporting it o the vault the next day. So with Emilia's newest invention, a rubber robe (bungie cord) that the Dragoon would be able to swoop in and get the gold.
The next day Emilia and Croque are transporting the gold (Emilia decided to tag along) and Jack is waiting up on the nearby bridge ready to strike. Before he can jump though Brogard and his men confront the Dragoon, having beefed up their security lately. The carriage stops shy of the bridge and the Dragoon is cornered. Brogard unmasks Jack only to reveal an exact duplicate mask underneath his own thus maintaining his identity.
Jack then jumps off, loops around and fights off everybody except Brogard. Brogard and Jack fight for a while but they end up at a stalemate with each others swords pointed at each others throats. They agree to live to fight another day and Jack escapes.
This peeves Brogard and he then spends the next couple hours fighting his own men to the death. Croque isn't pleased at losing so many men but thinks that it's good for Brogard and that with the gold in the vault and the extra security measures taken that the Dragoon will not get away so easily.
So Croque locks the gold in the vault and just as they leave Jack and Emilia come out from behind a curtain and open the vault. They grab the gold and are about to escape when the alarm (which is just loud metal balls clanging around) goes off and they are forced to go down the laundry shoot. Croque and Brogard chase after them until they reach the kitchen.
When they get to the kitchen they hatch a plan to use the bungee cord to escape but before they can leave they hear Croque and Brogard. Jack says to go on without him and Brogard and Jack fight...despite Jack not having a sword.
The fight goes on for a while but ends when Croque's men shoot wheat which acts as a smokescreen and allows Jack to escape.
The episode ends with the girl and her parents giving Jack and Emilia flowers. Jack reveals that he took some of the gold to pay the parents tax and get them out of jail and that the REST would go back to America. Jack gives the flowers to Emilia and they walk off.

The Verdict:

Entertainment: 4
Jokes: 3
Acting: 3
Technical: 3

It's a semi entertaining but cliche episode that is more serious than funny sometimes. It's still good but definitely not the best.

3 out of 5

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