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Jack of All Trades PLAY BY PLAY Episode 6: Raging Bully

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It's now time for part 2 of Day 3 which involves one of my favorite episodes of the entire series. The episode is episode 6 and is entitled "Raging Bully."

The episode begins with another newspaper headline this time involving Napoleon taking over Louisiana so that he can build a summer home there for him and Josephine. This causes America to send over James Madison to negotiate with a French delegate so that they could possibly get back Louisiana.
Jack reads this article and is visibly angered at America's incompetence without him there and that the French are getting more powerful. Emilia is less angered and annoyed at that and more at the fact they are at a seedy pirate bar. Emilia is very twitchy and gets really angry when Jack orders a fuzzy nipple (the drink). Eventually she settles down when Jean Claude shows up and says what I mentioned above. So Jack and Emilia go to the dock where Croque is distraught.
Croque is distraught because instead of a French delegate negotiating, it's instead Croque's own brother Napoleon Bonaparte. Croque faints at the sight of his brother and begins to annoy, torture and tease his brother which all leads to him killing a guard who laughs at the situation. Napoleon may be small but he is dangerous and a force to be reckoned with both strategically and fighting wise.
Napoleon is angered by Croque's insolence and the townspeople and the guards lack of respect. But Croque assures everything is okay by throwing a parade, which is in a circle, with Brogard yelling at them, and guns pointed at them...yeah that's natural. Jack and Emilia, mostly Emilia, are worried about Napoleon's presence and the outcome it may have on the negotiations.
Later that day, Emilia and Jack, along with Napoleon and co. go play a round of croquet. Jack challenges Napoleon to make a shot. Napoleon reveals that he never turns down a challenge and accepts. He hits a great shot that lands just short. But Napoleon distracts the two of them long enough to kick the ball in and win the bet.
The negotiations don't go well either as Madison is silenced and sentenced to death by decapitation. This throws Madison into shock and it's up to the Dragoon to save him. The Dragoon does as much but is shot in the arm by Napoleon.
Jack is about to be killed and unmasked but Emilia steps in claiming the Dragoon is the greatest poker player that ever lived. Napoleon can't accept this and challenges him to a round of poker where if he wins Jack goes free but if he loses than he dies.
This worries Jack and he is visibly shaken by Napoleon and the poker game itself. But for America, Louisiana and his own sake he agrees and goes to play poker. Things don't go well as Jack is backed into a corner and freaks out.
Things get better though when he takes Emilia's advice and imagines everyone in their underwear. From there the game gets better and Jack appears to be winning and even making Napoleon shake in his boots.
By the end of the game, Jack gets Napoleon to give up the deed to Louisiana as a bet. Napoleon cheats by using a card in his boot to get 4 kings. But Jack reveals that he had 4 Jacks and a joker...or a "Jack in disguise." Jack takes the deed, pays Croque for the about to be broken window and leaves.
The episode ends with a still in shock Madison being given the deed and told not to deal in real estate. And Emilia reveals that she fixed the game so that Jack would win no matter what. Jack laughs and says that lady luck is nothing but an English blonde.

The Verdict:

Entertainment: 5
Plotline: 5
Acting: 5
Technical: 5

One of the best episodes of the series. Vern Troyer is a great Napoleon and the poker game and the jokes are great. An amazing episode.

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