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Jack of All Trades PLAY BY PLAY Episode 9: Croque for a Day

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Welcome to Day 5 of Jack of All Trades Play by Play. Due to reasons beyond my grasp I will not be able to do Day 6 and onward. I have more reviews coming and certainly I will finish both Brisco County Jr and Jack of All Trades before the month of July is up but due to not being by a computer for a long time as well as a lack of resources (screen caps, Windows Paint) I will have a tough time posting. I could always due a pictureless version but it wouldn't be the same. So if you're willing to give me a chance I will have all of it done by the end of the me. But I have Day 5 ready and more reviews scheduled to be released so let's start with Episode 9 entitled "Croque for a Day."

The episode begins with another newspaper intro stating that Napoleon plans on creating a poverty tax to tax people for being poor. He plans to start this tax in Palau Palau for two reasons: one, it's a small island and a good guniea pig. Two, it's a good excuse for Napoleon to send an inspector to make sure his brother is still a competent governor and that he can run the island and get this tax approved.
We then see the Daughters of the Dragoon, a group of teenage women who dress up as the Daring Dragoon and do deeds that would piss off the French, painting the side of a French boat with obscenities. Jack finds it nice that he is like a role model to these women and that they are taking initiative while Emilia thinks Jack is a bad influence and will cause the women to get in more trouble than need be. This comes to fruition when Brogard and his men arrest the women. Jack sees this and hops into action, promptly saving the women.
When they arrive back at the base they get a new mission. The mission is to make sure that they make Croque look like a competent governor while also stopping the poverty tax from coming to fruition. So after a quick discussion about right and wrong and the effect that Croque has positively on Palau Palau, Emilia gets Croque and Brogard to investigate a diamond mind for a few days...the few days the inspector will be there.
The inspector is an angry man who is hellbent on signing the bill, proving whether or not Croque is competent or not and leaving. The less time he spends in Palau Palau, he must think, the better. Well since the real Croque is a bit of a wuss and kind of incompetent, Emilia gets Jack to dress up and pretend to be the governor while Croque is away.
This proves to work for the most part. Or at least it works until Jack realizes he can't stall the bill and that as soon as he leaves the mansion, he is bound to be recognized or Croque's notoriety will get Jack and the inspector in trouble. Well it does as the Daughters of the Dragoon pummel Jack and the inspector with fruit and veggies repeatedly. Jack explains this is normal and the women get away.
Emilia is pissed their mission was almost blown so she goes and confronts the daughters. They say she wouldn't understand what being a spy is like and that she doesn't know what freedom fighting is. Emilia just shrugs it off but kind of finds the women charming, a 180 degree change from before.
Things seem normal enough until the end of the day when the daughters write a very vulgar term on the governor's wall. Jack's unwillingness to do anything gets him taken off of his governor position, but the inspector says that if he executes them that he will have his position back. He semi-agrees but still doesn't get his job back.
Things seem dire the next day as Jack must stand and watch these women die because of him. But right when Jack is about ready to give up his cover for their sake, Emilia comes in as the Daring Dragoon...or a Dragooness of sorts. She spouts one liners worse than he does but she still gets the job done and saves the women...and embarrasses the inspector to the point where he repeals the tax and tosses it away.
Croque comes back (with a pay raise), and things return to normal with the mission successful. Jack and Emilia joke about the Dragooness and the fact that the daughters have found a non disruptive way of fighting for freedom. And thus the episode ends.

The Verdict:

Entertainment: 4.5
Plotline: 4.5
Jokes: 5
Acting: 4.5
Technical: 4.5

A great episode, the Dragooness is hilarious and Jack as Croque is just as funny. An amazing episode

4.5 out of 5

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