Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jack of All Trades PLAY BY PLAY Intro

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Hey everybody starting tomorrow I will begin a 25 day long tribute to one of the most underrated actors of all time: Bruce Campbell. This won't be like the Christopher Walken month where I review his filmography (or pathetically attempt to) or articles about his greatness because you can find both all over the internet. That and I want to save the Evil Dead and his B-Movie sci-fi/horror films for my October horror month. Instead I plan on reviewing his two big hit TV shows that weren't watched by anyone until after they were cancelled (aka my reason for not covering Burn Notice): Jack of all Trades and The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

Now I've had the Brisco County Jr DVD set for a while but haven't gotten around to watching it. Thankfully I have no life and can get to that shortly. But while I do that and for the next 11 days I will be covering Jack of All Trades.

Now I have Nick over at Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob to thank for this one. You see we both did the TV meme and on one of the days it is "Best Opening Sequence/Title Sequence." I put Dexter with the rest of Digital Kitchen's work in a close second (Justified, True Blood, Six Feet Under). Nick on the other hand put this show's Emmy Nominated intro for his choice. It's a simple 1 minute intro but it captures the cheese, the colorfulness and the basic premise of the plot and background music (it replays in different ways every episode) and it's amazing. It also helps the lyrics are catchy as all hell. Don't believe me? Here it is...

You see? Great isn't it. But that got me interested in the show. After watching an episode on youtube (all the episodes are on there) I hopped over to Amazon and bought myself the Boxset. It arrived in the mail yesterday and I've been watching it in celebration of July 4th. And after repeated viewings I'm taking it upon myself to do a play by play of each episodes two at a time for 11 days, from which afterwards I'll move to Brisco County Jr.

The idea of a play by play is I'll say the episode's title and number and then give a description of the episode in good detail (aka spoilers but it's a 30 min comedy so what does it matter?) and then critique it based on 5 things:
  1. Enjoyment
  2. Plotline
  3. Jokes
  4. Acting
  5. Technical
After that I'll give my verdict from 1 to 5 (switching it up) and move on.

This doesn't mean I'm stopping reviews I still got plenty to come. But intermixed with all the reviews will be the play by plays.

Thank you and hope you enjoy


  1. w00t! I absolutely adored this show. I need to go out and get it on DVD myself. But there is NO way you can watch that opening title sequence and not smile. You could be having the worst day ever... and if somebody played that for you, it'd cheer you up. Seriously.

  2. With me the situation is reverse, I've seen Brisco County (one of the best TV shows ever!) but haven't come around watching this, yet. As for the boxsets, I'm gonna get me "Jack of All Trades" sooner or later, but the "Brisco County Jr." boxset is waaaay overpriced. I mean, I could buy 10 Warhammer 40K books, 400 pages each for that money that would last me for months for that money.

  3. well if u buy it used like i did i got my boxset for 24 dollars. It was originally 65. I think i got a deal. The Jack of all trades one though is like 18 so much cheaper

  4. Yeah, it's just that I can't. I'm not from the USA, and my country, Croatia, is not in the European Union, which makes it not eligible for anything except the "Buy new from Amazon" + shipping and handling fees, of course.

    Oh, well...