Sunday, December 13, 2009

The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Dedication thy name is Travis. Or at least that's how I felt going into Star Wars Episode 3. I bought my ticket when the box office opened on the Friday that it came out. I bought my ticket at 9:00 am and the only available showing was at three. I wasn't going to risk getting a crappy spot so I waited in the theater from 9:30 to 3:00, even going so far as to take a nap in one of the auditoriums. I got to know the manager there really well in the time I spent there and got to know most of the staff that worked there. Sad that the theater would be closed down shortly afterwards but now all of the employees and even the old manager work at the new theater that they built about a block down from the old one.

Either way I had to wait a long time and it was a hot day. But eventually we all crammed into the theater and I got a pretty good spot, thankfully not sitting next to a storm trooper with a big helmet. The movie started people cheered their heads off and they all gave a standing ovation after it was over. It was the end of Star Wars until The Clone Wars in terms of movies and really it was the last true Star Wars movie to be released (unless Lucas wants to do a whole episode seven thing). And I was glad to be a part of that experience. Someone that belonged to the Luke Skywalker fan club was now watching the last of the movies.

Onto the movie itself. Believe it or not it was actually much better than the first two in the prequel trilogy. The acting was more believable, the action was tighter and more exciting, the story and Anakin's struggle and ultimate succuming to the dark side was fun to watch and that last battle scene was definition epic. I was genuinely surprised to see how good it was considering the first two. But it was good nevertheless.

My only main complaints seem to be that there at times seem to be too much going on at once and that can get a little hectic. And Hayden Christensen is a bad actor. And he pretty much ruins Vader's reveal at the end. But the full circle plot at the end and that epic lightsaber battle make up for it on all levels. My inner action movie lover loved every twist, turn, jump and hit. My inner drama nerd loved the struggle of good vs evil. And my inner fanboy was going "EEEEEEEEEEEE DARTH VADER VS OBI WAN THE FIRST ROUND!!"

If you only see one of the prequel movies this would be the one. But like I have said you are much better off watching the original trilogy. A good ending to the legacy known as Star Wars.


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