Monday, December 7, 2009

Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn't have f****d with? That's me.

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

I was once asked if I could have the career of any celebrity in Hollywood who would it be? My answer came out of my mouth quicker than anything else: Clint Eastwood. The person who asked me looked at me funny and said "Really? Why not your favorite actor Ed Norton or Donald Trump or Bill Gates or Angelina Jolie (for obvious reasons I guess)?" I shook my head and said "Have you seen this guy's career? Clint Eastwood is one of the best directors in the buisness right now, he's a multi award winning actor/director/writer, he has composed and written music for his movies, holds the most memorable catchphrases of any actor and his name is synominous with BAD ASSNESS, just by being himself. Who wouldn't want that career?"

And its true. Clint is a shining example of Hollywood. He's in his late 70s and he still looks great and could still probably beat me up. His IMDB list is a mile long and he's done it by playing the same character over and over. Now don't boo me for that. He really has. Clint Eastwood has played the same character for 40 years. Angry guy with a soft heart that's hard to get to. Nowadays its Angry, crotchety old man with a soft heart that's hard to get to but its still the same. And everytime its still totally awesome!

His latest movie before Invictus was Gran Torino, a movie SO racist, SO funny, SO BADASS that it blew my mind. Walt Kowalski is a war vetran whose wife just died. He's grumpy, he hates everyone and he has a big shotgun in his garage. Now that the love of his life is gone he has only two things left: his dog Daisy and his Gran Torino. But when his neighbors, an Asian family, is being terrorized by a gang of misfits, he stands up for them and breaks the racial barriors he once had.

Its that kind of film that does a lot without doing much. The religious undertones, the social and economic undertones and the racial coming togetherness through adversity are very well done in this film. Its by far one of the most racist films Ive seen in a while but it does this for art. Clint is a man who grew up with the N word and other racial slurs being acceptable and tolerated. In the 2000s now it seems overly racist but its showing a real life scenario of a people that are still around. But Walt always means well, even if he's not touchy feely, as evidence by his love for his dog Daisy. This movie is ripe with subtlety and its for the best.

Clint is Clint in this movie. You either love him or 95% of America will beat you up. He's a classic American Icon with a brilliant eye for film. Its also nice to see him in front of the camera which he hadnt done since Million Dollar Baby. Everyone else in the movie is great too but of course is overshadowed by Clint. I will say however the character of Toad was quite enjoyable to watch.

Overall its a great film, with great lines, great subtle nuances and its a Clint Eastwood film. That should sell itself.


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