Monday, December 7, 2009

It's not unlike ancient dental equipment on Earth - not that you'd know anything about that!

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

As a huge fan of MST3K as well as Reb Brown (don't ask why...alright Im a huge Bruno Matei fan as well) it would come as a surprise to no one that I'd review this movie. A movie so bad it makes the Room and Plan 9 from Outer Space look like Academy Award Winners. An abomination to cinema that should be kept away from any and everyone...unless you watch it with the MST3K crew...than this movie is brilliant. But as a standalone movie it is one of the most eye-gougingly bad movies of all time.

Well Space Mutiny stars Roll Brown as Ryder, a space pilot who lives and works aboard the spaceship Southern Sun. Most of the inhabitants have never set foot on solid ground and most of the people are just happy with their lives as is. But Elijah Kalgan isn't happy and so he conspires with a group of pirates to take over the trip and take down Santa Claus I mean MacPherson. Needless to say there is a mutiny so its up to Butch Deadlift I mean Ryder to save the day and save the ship.

Its an extremly homophobic film, its extremly cheesy, Reb Brown likes to yell nonsense alot, the lines make no sense, the action is pointless and dumb and about everything else about this movie is bad. If you REALLY want to watch it, then watch the MST3K version of it. If you add that to the movie than it becomes a really good movie and in my opinion a classic. But without it, its a horrible film that I must beg you to stay away from. But here's some MST3K to help you through this.


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  1. Ah I remember watching this years back (would watch MST3K while traveling to see different colleges) and it was just drop dead hilarious. This movie couldn't be any worse if they tried.