Monday, December 7, 2009

I knew this was gonna be the best Christmas ever

Screw know Im the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it I will...but this is pathetic. Honestly I wish my catchphrase wasn't true. I wish I hadn't seen this abysmal piece of crap. But it came in my Home Alone collection so sadly, like the Next Karate Kid, I own this one.

What happened? I'll tell you what happened...John Hughes and Chris Columbus stopped helping out after the third movie. Chris Columbus helped with the third although he didn't direct it. John Hughes wrote and produced the third one and helped make it the second best in the series. But with Home Alone 4, two novice writers took over, slapping John Hughes name on it to make it look legit but it was just the "Characters inspired by" thing if you actually sat through this movie, if you wanna call it that. Then they got the director of Teen Wolf (AHHH!!) to take over as director for this movie. And, as if to slap fans in the face, they brought back Kevin but screwed up the story and replaced the original Kevin with some unknown, brought back Marv but with a different actor and brought in Missi Pyle. This is nothing but a Missi Pyle of crap.

The story focuses on greed this time. Yay messages! Kevin's parents are divorced and the house is totally empty (hello? other characters?) Kevin decides that since his Dad's new girlfriend is filthy rich that he would rather spend Christmas with her because Christmas is all about material things and however much money you have equals how much someone loves you RIGHT?! NO...well explain that to them. Oddly enough, for somewhere that's supposed to look suburbian, snowy and cold...IT WAS SHOT IN AFRICA!!!! What's next? The Sun People shot on Antarctica?

But basically that's the plot. All the acting is cheap, dull, phoned in, boring, lifeless and I almost couldn't even finish the movie. There is SOO much eye rolling going on you'd think I was possessed by teh satan.

And to top it all off this movie lacks any moral fiber and lacks any good family values. Its all about the shopping, the money and the spending in this one. Christmas is turned commercial in this one. I mean I didn't like Home Alone 2 much but at least it had good values. This one lacks any of that.

Please avoid watching this one. Even if you got suckered into buying this one because it was in a box set, just throw this one'll thank me later.



  1. I was so pissed off when I saw this. They could've gone with a new kid, but instead they have Kevin's parents get a divorce and recast Marv and everyone else.

  2. I know! That's why I LIKED Home Alone 3! They changed the kid, storyline, stuff like that so they could go with an original story that followed the same pattern as a Home Alone movie without tainting the originals. This one just slapped fans in the face.