Monday, December 7, 2009

"*I want ROOM SERVICE*! I want the club sandwich,I want the cold Mexican beer,I want a $10,000-a-night hooker! I want my shirts laundered...!!!"

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

As much as it pains me to say it...I think Keanu Reeves is a good actor. Yes he's had some laughably bad roles (Dracula) but he's also made some impressive movies where he's done a lot of really good roles and does a great job acting. I won't admit it out loud but this is a website so I might as well say it: the surfer dude who gave a whole new meaning to WHOA is a good actor. In 1995, after the success of his latest movie Speed, Reeves signed on to play in a new cyberpunk futuristic sci fi movie called Johnny Mnemonic. The film has become pretty forgettable but the game released on PC has become a cult classic for bad FMV games. But believe it or not the film isn't bad. It has some REALLY bad moments but overall its actually a pretty entertaining film based off the short story by William Gibson (who wrote the movie) and the only film ever directed by Robert Longo.

*note: I am reviewing the Japanese version. Its still in English but its a longer directors cut. Ive seen both versions and they deserve the same score but I like the directors cut more*

The story is a mix between the game Mirrors Edge and Crank. Johnny is a data trafficker who has a brain implant that lets him store between 80-160 gigabytes of data in his brain safely. Companies use him to secure data that is too sensitive to keep on regular computers and he regularily acts as a courier between two parties exchanging data. One day he accepts a package that has WAAY more than 160 gigs and will kill him if its not removed. It also contains some pretty heavy stuff and because of that assassins are after him.

Its a cool and unique story that actually works really well. And to top it all off the acting is actually pretty good. Keanu can appear really over the top but he does really well. Its almost a pre-Neo Neo that he pulls off. He even delivers this really nice speech:

It sounds cheesy but its pretty badass in context. He does a lot of this exploding and its actually really cool. Here's the other really good one.

Dolph Lundgren and Ice-T do great parts with Lundgren really standing out as the street preacher.

Its a 90s cyberpunk sci fi movie. Its well acted, its funny and its a well done movie. It borders on over the top and lacks some serious focus but its a really good movie. Check it out.



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