Monday, December 7, 2009

Don't Listen to him! He's not the real Santa! He has a rubber face and a plastic tushie!

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it I will.

As mostly people know by now I am NOT a fan of Tim Allen. I did enjoy him in Galaxy Quest, Wild Hogs, and the Toy Story series but in his entire overall body of work I havent really liked his acting. He seems like a nice enough guy and he's not Christian Slater (Allen actually TRIES to act) but for the most part Allen usually comes off as egotistical or a little too aloof for my tastes, even when he's trying not to. But I will give credit where credit is due and he did actually make two good (I know he did more) Christmas movies.

When I had originally done my review for The Santa Clause I had warned people to only see the first one. That was because after watching the second one for the first time I thought it was childish and a little too immature. Then for writing my review I watched it again and then one more time with the whole series. Honestly...this one isn't bad. Usually I gripe about sequels not being as good as the original and while that's still true, this film does have a certain amount of magic too it.

Taking place YEARS after the original we see that Scott Calvin aka Santa Claus has taken over the North Pole and is running it better than ever before. But when the captain killjoy elf comes and says that there is another part to the santa clause-get a Mrs. Claus or the North Pole will shut down-this causes some serious problems. After meeting with the rest of the magic people (Tooth Fairy, Mother Earth ect) he sets off down for Earth in search of a Mrs Claus while a plastic toy Santa watches over the North Pole.

I will say one thing right now: this is a really creative story. I mean the first one was creative since it KILLED SANTA CLAUS but this one evolves the world quite a bit and it really has a rich story with a brightly colored world.

Tim Allen does pretty good actually. He is very heartwarming and really sells the idea that he IS Santa. Everyone else does really good and I actually laughed a few times.

Its good, family fun and honestly its not a bad sequel. Its heartwarming, filmed with care and its good for the whole family. While the first one is the best...I reccomend seeing the second one as well.


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