Monday, December 7, 2009

"You slept with Santa?" Well...yes." "Well HO HO HO!"

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it I will.

I am just going to flat out say it: I am WHITE. Really white. So imagine the look of surprise on a lot of people's faces when I walk into a Tyler Perry movie, the Barbershop series or This Christmas. Trust me Im not one of those guys that's trying to be black but if there is a good movie, despite my racial differences, I will SEE that movie. Well it was a slow Christmas season when I saw this movie and in fact my theatre was practically empty. In fact the ticket lady looked at me like "You're seeing this?" but I just went on and sat in the theatre. Needless to say I was the ONLY white guy in the entire theatre. Granted there were only seven people in the audience (odd since it was such a smash hit) but I definetly got some stares. But I was determined to watch a decent Christmas movie. What did I get? A decent Christmas movie.

This film is created by Preston A Whitmore II, a NAACP award winning director. He wrote, produced and directed this movie and was determined to make a classic Christmas movie. Its the story of a modern day family. The eldest son has just returned home after a long abscence and despite their issues and personal problems they all come together to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

Its not a very deep or intricate plot but its well developed and the characters are carefully crafted. The acting, for the most part, is quite solid and well done. Chris Brown (dont boo) does a great job considering he hasnt done much acting, Idris Elba is quite good and Columbus Short (Armored) does a great job. I also appreciate that its not about gifts or presents or petty things but family togetherness and sharing Christmas with the ones you love. You dont get those good morals a lot nowadays.

My only gripe with the movie is that it gets quite boring for long stretches of film. While their are plenty of good and funny and dramatic parts, it seems sad that its overshadowed by the long stretches of nothing and boredom I felt while watching it. Its sad because this movie had serious potential.

Nevertheless its a decent Christmas movie with good moral values. Worth at least a rent.


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