Monday, December 7, 2009

You're skipping Christmas! Isn't that against the law?

No ho ho...fine...hello I am the Movie Encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Ya know what...its hard to make a good Christmas movie. With all the Bass/Renker classics, cult classics like A Christmas Story and Jingle All the Way, and the famous staple Its A Wonderful Life, its hard to make a Christmas film that lives up to that standard. Actually it seems that with every Christmas comes one good Christmas movie (released in November) and a dozen or so ones that make you want to cry and never celebrate Christmas or any holiday ever again. Well thats Christmas with the Kranks.

I should have just skipped this movie all together. The signs were there! Jamie Lee Curtis in a family movie...GAH! Tim Allen in ANY movie...GAH! A Christmas movie based on a book that wasn't very well liked...GAH! The title has a term for speed in it...GAH! All of it is terrible just explaining it. So why did I see this awful movie anyway? Call it Christmas spirit I guess.

Well Christmas with the Kranks is the story of Luther and Nora Krank. They are loving parents who love the holidays, especially Christmas (for which their suburban neighborhood is also crazy about, holding many many traditions). When their only daughter goes on a peace corp trip Nora and Luther decide to skip Christmas and go to the Bahamas. When they do that they become hated by everyone in town and total social pariah's. On Christmas eve though they get a call from their daughter saying that she will be home the next day. From their its just "comedy" moment after moment leading up to a sweet end.

This movie isn't funny. It tries to be but it end up being too juvinile. It would have worked if it was a family movie but this movie lacks any morality, good deeds or any understanding of the true meaning of Christmas. Therefore every "comic" moment comes off as petty, unneccessary and downright dull. When its not trying to be "funny" its boring as end all. All the acting is terrible and I actually felt really bad after watching this CRAPTASTIC movie.

Please dont see this. I can name countless amounts of better movies for the holidays. Actually any movie of any holiday would be better than this. Please dont see this.


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