Monday, December 7, 2009

Well, that didn't go the way I thought it would.

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Do I really need to review this? I mean honestly...? While the first two Santa Clause movies were cute films that focused on love, magic, family and togetherness, with the second one ACTUALLY growing on me and becoming a good Christmas film for the whole family...this one...the third one...its by the guy who directed the Tooth Fairy and the Clique. I realize he directed the second one but by the time he directed this one the fame went to his head and he stopped giving a damn about plot, story, character development and instead focused on making people look stupid to make little kids laugh. This movie does have some redeemable qualities but they are totally overshadowed by the lackluster and lazy attempts by the writers and director. Its like they just wanted a paycheck..

Well the story is actually pretty paper thin this time. Its been 12 years since the original movie and Scott Calvin becoming Santa Claus. He is married and expecting his first child anytime now. So to make her feel comfortable (and to give cameo appearances for no reason) they invite every character back from the original movie. His ex wife, his ex wife's husband, his in laws, pretty much everyone except his son (who returns later in the movie). They decide, for Mrs. Claus in laws sake, to make the North Pole Canada. Meanwhile Jack Frost wants to become Santa so he gets Scott to invoke the Escape Claus by accident.

And so he becomes Santa, everyone's miserable, Scott realizes how much his life would suck if he hadn't become Santa and then he saves the day. Twenty minutes into this movie I could predict the ending already. The script is boring, dry, dull and lacks any humor whatsoever. Martin Short is pathetic in this movie, getting rid of any comedy he had left in him and turning into a pathetic, laughable shell of his former self. All the other actors (cept Tim Allen oddly enough) completly phone it in and don't really care about what they're saying. Tim Allen however does a solid job and really kind of redeems this movie.

It still has that warm and fuzziness to it and it still has the good morals with good triumphing over evil and Tim Allen DOES try so I guess that reedems this movie somewhat. But overall its boring, lackluster and a definition phone it in for a paycheck movie.


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