Monday, December 7, 2009

You can mess with a lot of things, but you can't mess with kids on Christmas.

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Did I accidently pop in the deleted scenes for Home Alone? Seriously did they have like an alternate ending involving New York? Is this deja vu? Seriously I am really confused. Wait this is a sequel? Arent sequels supposed to be the same but at least a LITTLE different. Honestly I dont even need to explain the plot to this one. But as my duty as a small online film critic followed by a small cult following I must review this and I must try to discern the second movie from the first.

The plots the same. The idea "Second verse same as the first" comes to mind. Kevin McCallister is a young boy whose entire family consists of narcsisistic, nihilstic, superficial, greedy douchebags who could care less about their son. Honestly they treat him like the black sheep. Well this time they ACTUALLY remember to take Kevin to the airport (gee I guess they learned) but in a totally recycled scene from the first movie and rifled with "NOT AGAIN"s they are late to the airport and make a mad dash for their terminal leaving their unloved child to wander around until he accidently boards on a plane to New York. There he breaks into a hotel where Tim Curry runs it (THE ONLY REALLY GOOD PART) but its ruined once he's kicked out. And wouldnt you guess it...Marvin and Harry are released from prison and after Kevin.

The weird thing though is that everything is WAAY to cartoonish and has a real sadistic side to it. You would think that it was an PG-13 film where two guys were trying to destroy a child. But oh well everything works out and Christmas is saved and everyone learns a valuable lesson.

I guess I cant knock this movie too much but it IS more of just the same. I guess if you liked the original and since its the last movie to include the original cast its really not that bad but the first and third are MUCH MUCH better. Still its a decent entry and a good enough Christmas movie.
By the way....brick to the face...


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