Sunday, December 6, 2009

You know what their mistake was? They didn't take enough!

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

I am not going to lie. I had extremly low expectations walking into this movie. It did two major no-no's that made me regret paying 10 bucks for a ticket: First-it wasn't screened for critics. Almost every movie that is NOT screened for critics tends to be really bad or extremly mediocre. Second-it told the whole plot in the trailer. Like the Fourth Kind and many films before it, the trailer leaves nothing to chance when telling you about what happens in the film. This was sad for me. I actually like Matt Dillon and Lawerence Fishbourne and they usually are pretty good actors. Skeet Ulrich has never been my favorite but ever since CSI New York I have actually started to like him. So for me it was sad to see this film bring down these good actors. But like all good car wrecks we stop and watch.

After sitting through previews of films I thought were far surperior, they got into the movie. No credits, no intro, no title card...nothing. I was intrigued but worried. Then the story began. Ty Hackett is a decorated Iraq vetran who returns home only to see his mom and dad die and him living in a run down old house with his delinquent brother and bills up to his ears. But he goes on and starts working for a security company that his godfather Mike Cochrone works for. One day, after a cruel practical joke, Mike tells Ty that they are going to steal 42 million dollars, hide the money and say they were robbed. Needless to say, things start off well but turn sour when a bum gets murdered in cold blood. Suddenly its 5 armored and greedy security gaurds vs one unarmed man inside a truck.

It all seems very Resevoir Dog ish. It should too considering its edited and shot by the people who did Resevoir Dogs. But what I felt when I walked out was happy. It was a GOOD movie. It wasn't an Oscar winner and there have been FAR better movies, but for an 88 minutes action thriller it was pretty good.

The acting was extremly solid. Lawerence Fishbourne is totally cast different than what he usually is playing a sadistic, trigger happy brute. A far cry from the spelling coach in Akeelah and the Bee. Skeet is Skeet but he actually does pretty well...despite not given much to say. Amaury Nolasco, who has been in dozens of movies is a great standout in this movie along with Columbus Short and Matt Dillon. Overall the acting is extremly solid.

Along with the acting and shooting style, the overall directing from Antal Nimrod is quite well. And considering his limited amount of work as an AMERICAN filmmaker, he does QUITE well. And James V Simpson, who is a first time screenwriter, creates a really well told story.

Overall it was just a fun movie. It had some nail biting moments, good action, some good comedy and it was an enjoyable ride. If you are in the mood for action than see this movie.


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  1. Armored is exactly what I expected and it is exactly what it is supposed to be: a typical, action-packed heist movie. Like many modern action movies, the acting is mediocre, the drama forced, and the plot needs some suspension of belief.