Monday, December 7, 2009

Hey, Alex, could you pass me the false alarms? I mean, the peas

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Usually if you are doing a series of movies and you completly switch the entire premise, characters, and everything else it gets booed for being a really bad movie. This one was pretty much booed too. But believe it or not, in my opinion, I think this was really good for the series. While the first Home Alone will always be the best, the second one felt like a total case of deja vu and almost totally ruined the experience for me. I mean its one thing to be simalar, another to be totally unoriginal. Well Home Alone 3 answered my problems and honestly is the Home Alone that I have seen the most times. It changes enough to make it fresh but keeps that Home Alone spirit alive.

The story follows that of Alex, a small boy living in a suburban neighborhood. He has a good family and a good life but things go awry when a group of terrorists go looking for a dangerous computer chip that they hid in a remote control car. A remote control car that was given to Alex. When Alex becomes sick with chicken pox and the thieves come after him, and with the police not believing a word he is saying, Alex takes matters into his own hands and unleashes booby traps onto the thieves.

The acting isn't as good as the original but they all do quite a good job with Alex D Linz doing a great job as Alex. Its a sweet movie with original traps, a cute story, good Christmas morals and an interesting plot that kept me interested for 102 minutes. I reccomend seeing this one.


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