Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Big Mike's Movie Podcast-The Hatecast featuring Travis McCollum

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Well if any of you needed a reason to unsubscribe to me, besides kicking or shooting animals on a live ustream or showing my private parts on chatroulette, this is it. This is your free shot to hate me. Why should you hate me you say? Well I was graciously invited to do Big Mike's Movie Podcast, the official Podcast of a fellow LAMB and friend Mike Mendez.

Mike had the idea that instead of structure or anything of that sort, that I, a person who loves film and watches an unhealthy amount of it, need to let out my anger and frustrations. The problem is that when I'm frustrated I make no sense whatsoever. I think irrationally, can't put actors with names or movies (Sarah Silverman is not in "Saving Silverman...that is Amanda Peet and wait Jeff Daniels and Greg Kinnear are NOT the same person). So basically you get to hear me F**k up royally for 53 minutes.

And you get to hear such wonderful gems as:

-I hate Christian Bale pre American Psycho but love him from American Psycho on
-I hate Matt Damon as a person but love him as an actor
-I hate Sarah Silverman even though I can't pinpoint a movie she's been in
-I hate different actors from different years in different times for different reasons

And of course me being a total ass...for everyone to hear. Basically I hate a lot of things for weird reasons and I hate movies that people love. So really this episode proved one thing and one thing only:

Don't get me angry. I make no sense when I'm angry.

So why post this if I hate it? Well I actually love this podcast (check my Audio section) and I respect Mike and always am honored to be featured as a guest star on other podcasts. So thanks again to Mike and fans, I await to hear your angry rants and un-followings...

Oh by the way my answer to all your rants and WHY'S???!!! is this

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  1. Partway through this right now. Still waiting for you to really unleash the hate...