Sunday, April 18, 2010

He Shot Cyrus' 10 Movie Facts About Myself

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Well my buddy Scott over at He Shot Cyrus decided to start a new meme. Since my Kick-Ass review will take about another day or so to write and my Courtney interview will come sooner rather than later but since he nominated me and I'm a fan of the site I decided what the hey? I've been doing personal posts lately so what's ten more facts about me?

So here is my ten movie facts about myself:

1. I have seen over 2050 films in my almost 19 years on this Earth (Why do you think I have the title "The Movie Encyclopedia"?)

2. I have had a bit part in an indie movie called "The Weight." It was written and directed by my cousin and I got paid 20 bucks to say "You're hand doesn't count asshole."

3. I have never seen the original Die Hard or the Bad Boy series. I have also never seen any movie, besides Citizen Kane, that stars Orson Welles. And I've only seen two Humphrey Bogart films. (All of these will be remedied shortly).

4. I have a soft spot for Uwe Boll and Ed Wood films...or maybe I'm just a masochist.

5. My main inspiration for this entire site came from two people: Doug Walker of the Nostalgia Critic (who gave me the idea to always use a tagline to start my posts) and my cousin Jimmy who is a LAMMY award winning blogger. His site is Diary of A Mad Film Fan. Doug and Jimmy's love for films sparked me to write about MY LOVE of film.

6. I am an avid collector of ticket stubs. I have been collecting since November of 2003 and still do it to this day. I don't know how many I have but I have three Hefty X-L sandwich bags full of tickets.

7. I own all 47 of X-Ray Dog's albums despite them not being available commercially (it's called connections). X-Ray Dog is the group that does all the music for the trailers. I also own a lot of film soundtracks my favorite being 28 Days Later.

8. I get compared to four actors all the time: for my humor-Jack Black and Jason Alexander, for my looks-Chris Farley and Matt Damon (specifically a FAT Matt Damon).

9. I have never seen a movie in theaters more than 4 times. And I've only seen about 10 movies 3 times in theaters. I tend to see most GOOD movies at least twice.

10. The first movie I ever saw in theater's was The Lion King. The first movie I ever watched at home was Old Yeller.

Hope these didn't bore you to death and thanks to He Shot Cyrus for nominating me. As for my nominations:

Tom Clift of Plus Trailers
Mike Mendez of Big Mike's Movie Blog
V. Shaft and Magnum from Cool Awesome Movies


  1. I collect ticket stubs too, but I only started it about a year ago (after seeing The Brothers Bloom), so I maybe have two bags worth.

  2. You should definitely take a picture of your ticket stubs. I'd love to see that! haha! :)

  3. I used to collect ticket stubs, but I ended up throwing them all away and stopped collecting after I moved into my own place (I was in a "let's throw all this crap away" mood at the time).

  4. good stuff good stuff. As for your #4, don't worry we won't judge you too hardly.

    As for being called a Fat Matt Damon, that's good. I usually get "you remind me of that guy. that guy who does the thing. you know that guy!"

    To this day I don't think it's ever been solved.

  5. I, too, used to collect stubs, but eventually gave it up and started a virtual ticket stub collection aka my blog.

    Fatt Damon. Wow. I'm not gonna be able to get that outta my head for awhile. Sorry. ;)

    So you've seen all of the lesser Die Hards but not the original? I shudder to think that you'll watch it eventually and prefer, say, #2, above all.

    I've seen one movie in the theater six times (Pulp Fiction); none other more than three.

    I should really be saving some of these facts for my own go at this meme...

  6. Count me as another former ticket stub collector. In high school I used to tape them to my floor length mirror. Then it got so bad I couldn't see my reflection anymore and I eventually just threw them out when I went away to college.

  7. @ #1: 2050?! Goddamnit!
    @ #4: That makes two of us. Especially regarding Uwe Boll. His films are way better than the haters say.
    @ #6: I don't collect ticket stubs, but I do have one saved - the ticket for "Rocky Balboa". It was the first Sly flick I saw in the theater.