Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fried food can kill me, a mugger can kill me. You're not so special down here, Jones!

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Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Well the Prophecy series has reached its end...well there WERE two movies after but they don't count because Walken wasn't in them. So does Prophecy 3: The Ascent live up to the other two movies standards? Well that answer is really hard. It's both yes and no. In a lot of ways Prophecy does well from a trilogy standpoint by bringing almost all of the plot points to a close and giving closure to the viewer. Add onto that Christopher Walken's amazing performance (as usual) and his even crazier outfits and wigs and some good action and special effects and you'd think that it would be the best. Well IMDB, for the most part at least, does in fact believe this. But even as a fan of the series I do have to admit that besides these couple of points I mentioned, the film really does lack in other areas.

The main issue however is the acting. Vincent Spano and Dave Buzzota, who are good actors (Spano recently did great playing Virgil in the Dante's Inferno video game and animated movie while Buzzota I mostly remember being good in She's All That) they just really lack in their roles here. Spano, who plays Zapheal comes off as a little too stiff and robotic and doesn't ever feel truly menacing. He's supposed to be the villain but gets out shined by Walken every time. Even when he is truly being foreboding he never really is. As Buzzota he is playing our main character Danyael. He is supposed to be half angel, half man in yet he can't seem to hold his own too well. At times he even feels a bit dopey, never really fitting in with his "hero" role. Maybe a bigger focus on Walken would have been much better in my opinion as he was already an established character and has much more presence as a "hero" type.

Well that's all my complaints now onto the story:

The story takes place 18 years after the second one ended. The war in heaven is still going on, people are pissed, angels are pissed and Danyael, a half human, half angel hybrid and was prophesied as the one who would end the war. Well Zapheal will have none of this and makes it his mission to take out Danyael. But Gabriel, now human and having switched sides, makes it his duty to protect him. Fighting, special effects and speeches ensue.

Overall it's an okay film with decent acting that works because of Walken and good writing. Watch the first two for sure but think before watching this one.


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  1. If Christopher Walken is in it, how bad can it be? I consider this man to be the unchallenged King of the Cameo, though I'll admit he picks some odd movies to star in.