Friday, February 12, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs Villains Interview with Jessica "Sugar" Kiper

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Survivor has been on for twenty seasons now and it's still going strong. So to celebrate twenty years of Survivor they decided to do another All Star Season this time pitting famous Survivor Heroes against famous Survivor villains. For some strange reason my back alley connections have gotten me the ability to interview the contestants that get eliminated so hopefully (I can't always promise) I can get you up to date interviews with all the fallen cast mates.

First up is fan favorite Jessica "Sugar" Kiper from Survivor: Gabon who was famous for being the bubbly, cheerful pin up girl who surprised everyone by coming in third. Sadly though, even after a valiant effort in the reward challenge even going so far as to lose her bra, her emotions and her flirtatious nature got the best of her and thanks to Colby she was the first one to go. So without further ado here is the interview:

The Movie Encyclopedia: Hello Sugar Thank you for doing this interview
Sugar: No problem.

TME: A question that seems to be on everyone's mind is WERE you hitting on Colby during that first night?
Sugar: Only for the sake of the game. I had no romantic feelings for him. I mean I'm not single, I'm with someone right now!

TME: Alright. How does it feel to be considered a Survivor Hero?
Sugar: It felt like a I felt kind of bad.

TME: How's it like playing with other Survivors?
Sugar: It's VERY HARD

TME: Did you know you were going home first?
Sugar: Yeah...I knew...

TME: Do you think because you shared your emotions when you lost is the major reason why you went home?
Sugar: No but I don't think it helped

TME: Colby seemed to play a huge part in your going home it seems
Sugar: Yeah it appears that way

TME: So why DO you think you went home?
Sugar: Because someone had to go and apparently I was weak and annoying

TME: So who got on your nerves the most?
Sugar: I was most annoyed at myself actually lol.

TME: Do you have any regrets?
Sugar: Regrets...I have a FEW lol

TME: So who do you think will go home next?
Sugar: Cirie...or someone that the group has targeted. Probably someone from Micronesia

TME: Speaking of do you and Corrine talk much?
Sugar: We've bumped into each other a few times. Same goes with Cirie and Amanda and really anyone from Micronesia.

TME: So do they send you right back home when you get voted off?
Sugar: No you stay out there the entire time.

TME: During that first challenge what was going through your mind?
Sugar: "I need to do something good!"

TME: Do you regret rolling out of your bra?
Sugar: No actually I don't regret that at all

TME: Who do you want to win?
Sugar: Tom. I admire him the most out of all of them.

TME: So how do you feel about Randy?
Sugar: I like Randy. I think he's funny and if he has the potential to make everything more interesting (laughs)

TME: Alright then who is your favorite villain?
Sugar: Coach

TME: What do you think his chances are?
Sugar: I think he'll go far.

TME: So what's your opinion on Russell? How much do you know about him?
Sugar: I think he's psychic...and possibly crazy. They didn't tell us much about him except that he was on the last season and had done something worthy of him being brought back.

TME: Who do you think was left out this season?
Sugar: Todd Herzog...he should have been there.

TME: What are you allowed to bring with you to the island? Do you have any advice for future cast aways?
Sugar: Just basic stuff and be sure to mentally prepare even more so than you expect.

TME: So how's life outside of Survivor? We know your a pin up girl. What made you want to do that?
Sugar: I just like the retro look to be honest with you.

TME: Do you do anything else? Sing maybe?
Sugar: Yes actually I have a band called "She Loves Betty White." It's an alternative band and I play the drums and sing.

TME: Do you have any pets?
Sugar: I have two: Major P. Pants, who is usually nicknamed Maj or Major and my new puppy Misty.

TME: Why Major P Pants?
Sugar: Because he pees whenever he sees anyone.

TME: Do you like being a reality TV star?
Sugar: I'd honestly rather just be a regular TV star.

TME: This is my first interview with a Survivor so I must ask a burning question that I have had for a while. Is it true that the show is taped ahead of time and what we see is just the recording. Like the winner has already been chosen and everything?
Sugar: No actually they cloned us and those are our clones out there right now on the island. Mine didn't do to well it looks like.

TME: I knew it haha. So I have one last question. You seem to really like Tom and Coach but who do you think is more likely to win Survivor: a hero or a villain?
Sugar: Villain probably because they are nastier but I'm pulling for my old tribe of the heroes.

TME: Thanks again for your time and participation!
Sugar: Thank you.

Tune in next time to see if I can get an interview with the next eliminated contestant. And be sure to check out for the latest Survivor recap and play by play. Until Next time.


  1. That was pretty damn cool. She didn't seem too verbose, but that's probably because she's been asked a variation of many of those question a bunch of times; still, I thought you did a good job of trying to keep it fresh. Love the name of her band.

    Hope you can keep these up. Are they done via phone or online? For your sake, I hope it was online so you don't have to transcribe the entire interview.

    And of course, thanks for the plug. :)

  2. Thanks. Yeah she had been busy with other interviews before and after and I AM just one indie blogger guy but I am glad you enjoyed it.

    I plan on it. Actually yeah they are done online so it really is pretty easy to just put into here after some good formatting and proper titles/headers blah blah blah

    No problem! I have been a devout reader of the Survivor Recap so I figure why shouldn't other people see it? I mean you do the episode and I interview the castaway. Makes sense

  3. Wow... lucky. When I saw your comment on Facebook, I thought maybe you were doing some kind of joke posts where you did mock interviews with those kicked off. But you really are interviewing. That's freakin' awesome. What kind of contact do you have... and how can I get one? :P

  4. "For your sake, I hope it was online so you don't have to transcribe the entire interview." - I'd prefer to meet pin up girls in person!!! Anyway this is really cool. Like your blog alot. Trying to figure out how you get so many good reviews done in a short space of time!