Friday, February 19, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs Villains Interview with Stephenie Lagrossa

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Well guys I am back and fresh off my interview with the latest Survivor to get booted off Survivor's 20th anniversary season "Heroes vs Villains": Stephenie Lagrossa. No stranger to Survivor, this 30 year old tough as nails Philly native returned for her THIRD time only to get eliminated second. But still in high spirits and still feeling the effects of her dislocated shoulder she was happy to sit down and have an interview with me.

(Editors Note: Stephenie was pretty busy so my interview with her was kinda brief but I got a lot out of her in that short time)

And it goes it little something like this:

The Movie Encyclopedia: It's great to finally sit down and talk with you, it's definitely an honor.
Stephenie: Glad to be here today thanks for having me

TME: Well I gotta ask the big question right now: how's your shoulder doing? What was it like dislocating it on the first challenge? Oh and outta curiosity what was your opinion on Sugar running with her top off?

Stephenie: It was pretty unfortunate that it had to happen so early and pretty painful but I couldn't and still can't dwell on the pain. It's doing well now but I probably will need surgery down the line...but that was the case prior to the game. I thought the Sugar thing was awesome. Too bad to see her go so soon.

TME: So what's it like going in for a third time? What made you want to come back after all this time and how are the conditions over there?

Stephenie: Why did I come back? The love of the game. The conditions were the hardest part of it all but the experience of Survivor in general, at least for me, was, and still is, a life changing one. It's definitely fun still but it DOES get harder every time. I am getting older now and it IS an All-Star cast. Coming back this time and making it even for the short time I was on was just a conformation on how strong I can be. I would play again in a heartbeat I can tell you that right now. It doesn't matter how old I get I love doing Survivor.

TME: So how's life outside of Survivor been for ya? Do you get recognized a lot still? How is your restaurant doing and do you still do anything for the Philly Flyers (hockey for those who don't know)? How bout you and your fiancee? Got any wedding plans yet?

Stephenie: Life is good. I used to get recognized all the time and now I still get recognized from time to time especially now. I have been home for a few months now and I'm actually planning on going back up to the restaurant soon. You should come by it's called GiGi's. We are located at 319 Market Street, Old City, Philly. Come in and try our best dish: the Filet Mignon Pizza. I haven't really done anything with the Flyers in a few years but I still love hockey. We're going to get married in Napa-Silverado. My fiancee, if you didn't know, is Kyle Kendrick, a pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies. We will be getting married towards the end of the year.

TME: So I gotta ask do they film you 24/7? Do you think they treated you (despite your brief time) fairly on camera? Is there anyone who is totally different than what we are used to seeing? Any feelings especially for James or Rupert who seemed to have it out for you?

Stephenie: Yeah its 24/7 so there is no privacy at all. I think they treated me fairly and portrayed me accuratly. I think James showed his true colors on the last episode and will now have to deal with that in the public eye. He is a totally different person off camera and so I'm glad his true colors came out. I used to like Rupert but he was kind of a tool this season and was really standoffish for some reason. I don't DISLIKE anyone, I'm not that kind of person but I probably wouldn't play with those two again.

TME: So who do you think will win? Do you think a hero or villain are more likely? And just outta curiosity did you know anything about Russell going in and why do you think the heroes struggled as much?

Stephenie: I would like to see Tom or Boston Rob win. Tom and Rob are the strongest players. I do like Colby though and I think he has a good chance of winning. I like him. I think a villain is more likely to win though. They seem to be more organized then the heroes. The main problem with the heroes I think is the egos. Egos don't equal being good. Just because you've played a challenge before and just because you THINK you know what your doing or how a puzzle works doesn't mean you are or you can. I didn't know much of anything about Russell going in except that he was on the last season and did something to qualify as an All-Star. I never really got a chance to talk to him either.

TME: Do you have any regrets? Would you have done anything differently?

Stephenie: I don't have any regrets. I would have liked to stay longer and I would have liked to play with Boston Rob but everything's 20/20 in hindsight. I kind of wished though I would have been more in your face at tribal council though. It was really pleasing though to see I wasn't alone at tribal council though and that I had support from Tom and Colby. I can't even put it into words those guys are awesome for standing up for me. But I do wish I could have been more in your face though.

TME: Alright who SHOULD have gone home?

Stephenie: Amanda...or James especially after Tribal Council.

TME: Who is your favorite female on Survivor right now?

Stephenie: Probably Parvarti. She's definitely a player and sneaky as well. I think she'll go far.

TME: Just wondering do you talk with anyone from previous seasons:

Stephenie: Yeah I do. Mostly people from Palau but in particular I do still keep in touch with Jenna, Ethan, and Heidi mostly.

TME: Final Question: Any advice for people wanting to do Survivor in the future?

Stephenie: I think it's hard to get accepted in the first place but it's easy if you are interesting. Give a good story, do something funny or out there but still be yourself. That's important if you do make it into the game as well. Be honest with yourself. Try your hardest out there, be strategic, always stay on your toes and make friends. If you do these things then you will make it in Survivor.

TME: Thanks for sitting down and talking with me!

Stephenie: No problem I was glad to do this interview. Bye.

Well that'll do it for this interview but be sure to check back next week for another interview with the latest Survivor cast off. And be sure also to catch Dylan Field's Survivor Live Recap for all the up to date information on what's going on during the episode. Check it out at


  1. Great interview. I like Stephanie, but I kinda sided with James on this one. Though he was kind of a jerk at times, mostly because he didn't know when to drop things. Still, I could totally see where he was coming from.

    And I <3 Rupert. He's been, and will remain to be, one of my Top 3 favorite survivors.

  2. Oh, and where's the Percy Jackson review? I've been waiting on that one :P .