Friday, February 26, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs Villains Interview with Randy Bailey

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Well another episode of Survivor 20: Heroes vs Villains has gone by and after two heroes getting the boot, a villain is finally going home. But out of the colorful characters on the villains team who is the first to go home? Randy Bailey. Randy is a 50 year old no nonsense Texan with a knack for being blunt, angry, sarcastic and mean and is a self-proclaimed bully who loves to crush the dreams of those who don't share in his supreme intellect and strength. He is a wedding videographer, an avid scuba diver, and triathlon/marathon runner but nowadays he mostly sits on his couch or in his hot tub with a scotch on the rocks and enjoy the silence. He is a private pilot and enjoys golfing as well. Randy doesn't talk much with his family or what's left of it and recently the only "person" in his life passed away: Johnson, his black Lab mix.

So without further ado Randy Bailey-

The Movie Encyclopedia: Hey Randy thanks for sitting down and talking with me.
Randy: No problem. I'm tired and I've been doing this all day but hopefully you'll get SOMETHING out of this.

TME: Okay...first What was it like being brought back to Survivor? What made you want to come back and how did it feel to be called a villain?
Randy: It was a great experience...well at least the first time. I was pretty excited that they wanted me to come back. Slightly confused as to WHY but still excited. I didn't mind being called a villain and honestly the label doesn't really matter it's all semantics anyway. I was more surprised though at some of the heroes. A lot of them were backstabbers and and when you get right down to it all of the people on Survivor are villains. But I guess they HAD to divide us up. You'll have to give it a try.

TME: Well then do you have any advice for future survivor castaways?
Randy: Honestly? Don't do it. It's an interesting experience when your there and not watching it on TV but I wouldn't recommend anyone doing Survivor. It was fun the first time but it's a lot of work to do and a pain overall.

TME: So how were things at camp? Did you get along with anyone?
Randy: I was glad to see Coach there and don't let the act fool you...he knows what he's doing. He's a wonderful guy and great to get along with and he's sharp as a tack. Coach, Jerri and myself actually got pretty close and I felt the most connection with them. Believe it or not Jerri is a lot of fun to talk with. I really hope one of them win since they are the most worthy but that never ACTUALLY matters in Survivor. It's all just a big popularity contest.

The camp was mostly a mess since we didn't have a clear team leader. Boston Rob was in charge of the challenges but really he gets too much credit for doing nothing. He's a popularity snob and I've never liked Boston Rob. I've never respected Boston Rob either. He's a douchebag. The same goes for Russell. I had never seen him play but he is a total egotistical pain in the ass. Overall this season there are too many camera hogs with big egos this season.

TME: I gotta ask what was going through your mind during that tribal council?
Randy: I knew I was going home. Russell seems to have everyone fooled and everyone LOVES Rob. Russell had Parvati's back so I knew she was safe even though she deserved to go home. She's already won so she doesn't deserve to stick around. Hero or Villain that goes for all of them. If you already won or are coming back for a third time you don't deserve to win. But that didn't matter. Rob and Russell sealed my fate. They are, for some unknown reason, completely influential over everyone else. Especially Russell. He made Rob cave and because of his love for Parvati they made sure I went home.

TME: So I know you don't like Rob, Russell or Pavarti but why did you end up voting for Rob?
Randy: It didn't matter. I could have voted for anyone but I would still have gone home.

TME: Why'd you throw your buff into the fire? Was it just for show or were you just that pissed?
Randy: I was pissed....thought I'd send a message as I left and you remembered it so it seemed to have worked.

TME: How was that last challenge for you going up against James? Were you worried?
Randy: I actually thought the whole thing was humorous. I'n not scared of James and honestly I have no ill feelings towards him for kicking my ass. I knew I was gonna get killed so I was more worried about how the mud would feel. It's not like the Villains had much chance in the challenge anyway so what was one more loss. How bad could I have done honestly? I was pissed that he threw the bag at me but I was stuck in the mud so there was no point in retaliating.

TME: How do you think you were portrayed on the show?
Randy: Portrayed? I was invisible! I am...well was the best villain on the show and definitely the most strategic player in the game but they were never able to show that. They were too busy focusing on the egotistical camera hogs like Rob and Russell.

TME: Besides Rob, Parvati and Russell are there any other players you'd like to see go home sooner rather than later?
Randy: Probably Courtney first. She is the most annoying person on the team and a pain to deal with. She does nothing for the tribe and is really a waste. The same goes for Sandra. But there non game strategy will get them far probably unless the villains tribe wises up. But if they ever do that then Rob, Parvati and Russell would be gone in a blink of the eye.

TME: Would you play again if you got another opportunity? If you were to ever win the million what would you do?
Randy: I've been a big fan of the show since day one so never say never. If I ever do win I want to move back to Texas. Although I will say, and this goes for everyone, save your money. It would definitely be my retirement money. That would be great.

TME: One last question and then I'll let you go: do you think you'd ever consider starring in a Gary Busey biopic?
Randy: What?!
TME: Nevermind...
Randy: No I'll answer the question: No I have not considered starring in a Gary Busey biopic.

TME: Thanks again Randy
Randy: Yep

Well that's it for this week but be sure to check Dylan Fields over at Blog Cabins for the Survivor Recap and then join me next Friday for the next interview.


  1. LOL! You actually asked the Gary Busey question. That's hilarious. Dylan will love it.

    This was a great interview. In fact, this is probably my favorite one so far. Keep it up!

  2. Nick is correct - I love it! Of course, now you've just encouraged me to continue with my Question Requests for you, and I'll be disappointed if you don't ask them. ;)

    Randy gave exactly the type of answers I would expect him to give. He's a bitter, bitter guy. Though I do actually feel bad for him that his pup died. Sounded like he was damn close with him/her.