Friday, February 19, 2010

"Use this to defend yourself. It's a powerful weapon." "It's a PEN!"

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

When I heard they were making a film version of Percy Jackson I was a bit hesitant. As a pretty big fan of the book series I was hoping for a great and true to the book series movie. Some movies based on books have done that well but usually when geared towards kids the film tends to veer away from the original material. Well I can tell you that Percy Jackson changes DRASTICALLY from the original source material. There are SOME similarities and most of the characters are there but it IS really quite different. But unlike some films that totally veer away from the source material *cough* Eragon *cough* this one is actually pretty good. Not the greatest but still I was pleasantly surprised.

The plot (I might as well explain it because it's so different) is this: Zeus thinks that the son of Poseidon stole the master bolt and gives Poseidon 14 days to get the bolt back unless he wants total war to break out. Meanwhile Percy Jackson, a teenager and the son of Poseidon is at an art exhibit. After being attacked by a Fury and saved by his Latin teacher, him and his best friend go to a camp for demigods and there he meets new friends and, after his mom is kidnapped, takes on the task of finding the master bolt. The plot is actually quite good for what it is in my opinion. It moves along at a good pace, it doesn't FEEL like a kids movie and its pretty action packed (once again for what it is). I had a lot of fun watching this movie altogether.

The acting was pretty good in my opinion. Once again my inner fanboy wants me to cast a lot of other people in the characters roles but for who they got the roles were well acted. Logan Lerman plays a great Percy, Brandon T Jackson is a good Grover and Alexandra Daddario makes a good Annabeth. The supporting cast is good but I will say Uma Thurman felt way out of place. Overall I think Chris Columbus did a great job overall casting the film. Mostly I'm just glad to see Columbus. He has always been one of my favorite directors and so to see him come out with a new movie I'm always there. He puts a lot of effort into his films to make them visually stunning and entertaining films for the whole family.

Overall it was a good movie. Not great and certainly not like the book but still a good movie that is worth seeing.


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  1. I liked this movie because it kept me entertained and I couldn't guess all the plot points, which is a bonus. I felt like the special effects were pretty decent for a kids film. I'd see it again if it was lying around the house or something.