Monday, October 26, 2009

Charlotte has pudding in her Prada.

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it I will.

Before I even review this I have a few things to say.
1. I am NOT a fan of Sex and the City and have never watched a single episode
2.I am NOT looking forward to the sequel because I will be dragged to it too
3.If you ARE a fan than my review doesnt matter anyway.

Seeing this movie was an experience. I was the only straight guy in the entire theatre. No couples with boyfriends getting dragged along, nope I was the only straight guy. I was also probably one of six guys altogether. The rest of the theatre was packed with women. And when the film started I heard the little decrescendo that starts the theme I heard a scream so loud I thought I was at a Jonas Brothers with the cast of Twilight, Hannah Montana, iCarley and Stephanie Meyer concert. My eardrums were almost shattered. And when each friend was announced the shriek got louder. It almost sent me into cardiac arrest it was so loud. But once the screams stopped and I regained hearing I got to watch the chick flick to see of the year.

If you dont know the plot of this movie going into it than you are probably a guy, dont have HBO, dont have a girlfriend, or just dont care about this show. That being said I never really understood the plot besides the bare minimum. Four friends in New York. Thats it

The opening segment actually does a great job of giving an overview of the series and it really keeps everything easy to understand. Whether you never watched or are a die hard fan it will be simple and easy to understand.

Basically though the movie revolves around Carrie and Big getting married, Charlotte having a kid, Miranda having marital problems and Samantha being a cougar. And in 151 minutes they are able to explain all of these stories, how they intertwine and what ends up happening quite well.

Its definetly a long movie, a definetly a chick flick but as a standalone movie its not half bad. Its not great and it certainly doesnt make me want to watch an episode but its a pretty good starter guide and its a pretty decent movie. But if you are a guy than please watch this alone...your ears will thank me.


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