Thursday, October 8, 2009

I do want to take guitar lessons. I do want to learn how to fly. Yes, I would like to learn Korean

Hello Im the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.
Jim Carey is a great comedian. He can be over the top silly if he wants or he can just be downright serious but still funny. Carey is considered one of the big 5 comedians still around: Robin Williams, Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Mike Meyers and himself. The only problem with most of those comedians is they either lost their comedic touch, went to serious films or went straight to kids movies. Williams has made a pretty decent comeback and so has Sandler but Myers and Murphy are DOA. Carey though had it rough for a while. He did strictly serious movies like the number 23 or Eternal Sunshine...but in December of 08 he returned to his comic roots. This was either gonna be a make it or break it for him, returning to comedy. Would he still be funny or would he go under? Well the good news is thanks to a great cast, great plot and Carey being himself for once, this proves to be the movie that he needed!
Yes Man reminds me of the invention of lying. It reminds me in the way that it takes one plot element and stretches it into something extremly funny. For TIOL it was lying. In yes man its the fact that Jim Carey cant say no.
Carey plays Carl, a guy who works at a bank. His girlfriend left him, he avoids his friends and he loves to say no to everything (except daily visits to blockbuster). But one day he is confronted by an old friend (John Michael he ever not funny?) who says that a motivational speaker named Terrance (Terrance Stamp...awesome as usual) has created a program that will better your life. The catch? You must say yes to everything. Carl plays this off but once he meets singer/teacher/artist/scooter lover Allison thanks to one of these Yes scenarios he realizes he missed out on a lot by saying no.
The movie really has a good message. How often do we say no to opportunity? This movie really shows the joys of opening up to new experiences and what will happen if you have a more positive outlook on life. And it never tries to be preachy about that but you wont notice the message anyway cuz you will be laughing too hard to notice. Carey pulls all his faces and noises and mannurisms out in this movie tenfold. If you love Carey's Careyism then you will adore this movie. Everything he does had me almost in tears laughing. But Im a Carey fan so maybe there is some bias there. Its not his best comedy he ever made, the rom com element is a little too formulatic and it is a bit too long, but it really is one of the funniest movies that came out in 2008 and it has a really good message.


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