Monday, October 26, 2009

There are few places hard to get to in this world. But there aren't any where it's harder to live.

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

I love cute animals. I mean who doesnt? So it was no surprise that when March of the Penguins came out that everyone (including me) went rushing to the theatre to see it. And what did we get? Penguins...walking...and standing. While that may sound boring to just about anybody you have to factor in the greatest thing about this movie: Morgan Freeman. Yes the voice of God is in this movie and he narrates this movie, personifies the penguins, gives them struggles, and ultimatley makes this movie a real movie instead of just penguins waddling around.

The plot is a bit scarce in explaining but great in execution. The emporer penguin likes to breed in one spot. They breed in that one spot because its solid ice, not mushy, not slippery just solid. It makes it easier on the babies. The only problem is that its 100 Kilometers away from where they usually are aka near open water. So every year they "march" the 100 km to the spot and breed. The daddy stays behind to watch the baby and the mom goes hunting for food. After the babies have grown up enough they march all the way back to they were and the cycle starts over.

Hopefully that was a learning experience for ya!

Freeman does a great job of giving the penguins a sense of identity. He really gives a sense of identity to each of the different penguins and keeps the movie interesting. Ultimately what it comes down to though is if you like documentaries or not. If you like a lot of action and things blowing up than this is certainly not a film for you. But if you like Morgan Freeman, cute animals or want to learn about penguins than see this film.


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