Monday, October 19, 2009

Death is an impediment not an energy drink

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Robin Williams has had an extremly good career over the years. Whether being in comedies like Mrs Doubtfire, kids movies like Flubber or serious movies like Good Will Hunting or the Dead Poets society, Williams has had a great career. Now after a 2 year break from movies (his last being August Rush) he is back in a slew of films with one of the biggest and most commercially and critically successful Worlds Greatest Dad.

Worlds Greatest dad is written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait famous for his great comic wit, timing and most importantly...his voice

Bobcat brings his comic gold in this movie but also brings a serious dramatic element. This is probably a Robin Williams wet dream for him: serious and funny. A black comedy. But WGD revolves around Lance, a screenwriter and novel writer who never made it. So he opts out and becomes a poetry teacher at a local high school. His poetry class is pretty weak though, consisting of only 3 people (one of which who steals music lyrics) The rest of his life is going just as well:
His wife is dead
His son is a sexual deviant/pervert who never tries or pays attention in school
His girlfriend doesnt want to admit their relationship publically and dates another man while with him.

So as you can see his life is pretty much a dud. But he tries to make it work by living vicariously through his son. But the twist not too long into the movie is that his son accidently chokes to death while performing auto erotic asphixiation (David Carradine). So in order to make his death seem less embarrasing, he stages it as a hanging and writes a suicide note. The note circulates and next thing you know his son is a star.

This is the classical "Tell a huge lie and see how long it goes on before the guilt overcomes him" movie. Its like Simone or Weekend at Bernies. But it has a sweetness to it that these other two movies had. Lance wants to make his kid seem like a something when in reality he wasnt. Its the moral moral (haha) in which you wonder "What would I do if put in this situation?"

Its not an academy award winner by any means and certainly not a GREAT movie, but it shows Williams still has some spark left, and this film contains one of the greatest endings ever. In fact see this movie just for the last 10 minutes. Instant movie classic.


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