Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I know you're scared. Don't be. 'Cause the world really is beautiful.

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

I happened to stumble upon this movie on Showtime last night and despite critics completly panning it I decided to watch it. I have seen horror movies across the spectrum from awe-inspiring to downright awful. Well as usual the other critics got it wrong. While this is not a good movie its not horrible.

The Eye is a remake of a Japanese classic released in 2002. So the American release already had a blow to its potential: First it had to follow the original story and most of the time Japanese horror films make no sense whatsoever. Second it was dealing with a REALLY GOOD Japanese horror film so the expectations were too large. That and they got Jessica Alba to play the main character. Now I have nothing against Alba but I dont think she has developed enough as an actor and maybe the role was more suited for somebody else. I mean she REALLY tries, I mean you can see it, SHE REALLLLYYYY tries to do her best in this movie...the only problem was taking out there and farfetched dialogue and make it plausable. And at this stage of her career she just couldnt pull it off in this movie. Bless her for trying though. And third the director wanted it to be PG-13 so all the good or shocking stuff from the original had to be taken out.

The basic idea of the Eye is that Sydney (Alba) is blind. One day she gets a cornea transplant and all of a sudden she can see ghosts and dead people, along with memories of the previous owners life (which sucked). Thats all I can really say but truthfully thats all I got out of the plot. There are a lot of little subplots but none of them are truly developed enough to be good. All of the supporting characters as well are useless with the exception of a cancer ridden little girl. Besides her the other characters come off as careless, unimaginative and just dont really seem like they want to be in the movie.

The other (and maybe the biggest) problem is the director and screenwriters choice of putting SO much useless filler in the movie. There are entire scenes that were pointless, added nothing to the plot at all and if they were taken out would have made the movie better. Except then the movie would be only 50 minutes long. There is so much filler that the climax actually prematurely happens and when I guess it was supposed to happen I was confused and actually said "Wait so this was the climax or was five minutes ago the climax?" And the whole ending (last 10 minutes) feels rushed and put together really quickly.

I was almost going to give this an Avoid it but honestly it would just be out of pity. That and Alba really tried. But trying doesnt make a movie good and if so much fails in a movie than you gotta draw the line somewhere.


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