Monday, October 19, 2009

If youre good at anticipating the human mind. It leaves nothing to chance

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Well I really dont need to say much I? Its the fifth movie in the series! You either religiously watch this movie to see where the plot is going and to ultimatley fill all the plot holes (raises hand), watch it for the traps, gore and violence, watch it for a certain actor (Shawnee, Tobin, Donnie, Costas) or hate the series with a passion. So my opinion can really be super disagreed with or agreed with.

But (without giving spoilers) Ill tell you a little bout Saw 5:
It starts with the neverending WAREHOUSE scene showing what Strahm ends up doing to get out of the sealed room. Luckily the warehouse stuff is like a few minutes so for the most part this is a new original story which is something of a breather for fans like me. There is only so much WAREHOUSE I can take before I start to hate the series.
The movie really starts showing Strahm studying the Jigsaw case and how he is trying to solve the case. Meanwhile Hoffman is trying to hide from suspicion by framing Strahm and you also see how Strahm was involved in previous movies like how he was involved in Saw 2's plot. Pretty much you realize Hoffman was the original apprentice. And in a third and kinda unnecessary but to fill the gore quota storyline you have 5 people traversing through a basement (in the house from 1 and 2...huh) and how they try to go through Jigsaw's "game". The acting from the victims is actually really good. Renowned stage and character actors and even Rita from Dexter...oddly (or coincedently) shes the one who survives it (helps her husband is a serial killer). Thats it essentially although i will say it has the biggest twist since the first movie in it. I liked the ending.

So if you like saw see it, if you dont then dont.


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