Thursday, October 8, 2009

How'd she die? It was sort of a do-it-yourself thing?

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it I will.
Little Miss Sunshine was an interesting film. You either loved its quirky characters and its out there plot line or you hated it and thought it was totally stupid. Well the people behind Little Miss Sunshine (including Alan Arkin) are back with another indie comedy, Sunshine Cleaning.
Let me start off by saying this: you know how I said Star Trek had one of the best openings of any film? Well it did and that was because it was its own mini movie. But its not just mini movies that make an intro good. You can also make an intro to a movie great by it being very shocking. Sunshine Cleaning is one of the best shock openings Ive seen in my years on this life. A regular joe walks into a gun store with a shotgun shell in his pocket. The audience is almost tricked into thinking he's going to rob the place. But when the guy at the counter gives him the gun, instead of pointing it at the clerk he turns the gun on himself and blows his brains out onto the ceiling. Thus begins our movie.
Sunshine Cleaning revolves around the guys or girls you never see on any cop show or on the news: the crime scene clean up people. You always probably have wondered who cleans it up right? Well they hire private cleaning companies who specialize in the clean up of blood, brain matter and other bodily fluids as well as detoxing a house. Steve Zahn, a detective working on the case, sees how much money people make cleaning this stuff up. So quickly he rushes over to his lover (hes cheating on his wife) Rose, who works as a maid, and tells her there is money to be made doing this kind of work.
Rose is played by resident hollywood cutie pie Amy Adams in probably her least conservative film (i think you see her naked im not sure). She is a sweet girl who was going to make it big. She was the head cheerleader, dating the star quarterback, had rich friends and was prom queen. But after high school her life kind of fell apart. She still saw the quarterback, who was now a married cop, but otherwise she worked as an independant maid cleaning houses.
But she cant do this job alone! She has a kid to raise and barely can clean a house herself. So who does she recruit? Her pothead sister Norah. Norah is played by the amazing Emily Blunt (devil wears prada). Norah is the definition of a slacker. Shes a good person but just never feels motivated enough to do anything. But shes out of a job so she accepts Rose's offer and together they create the Sunshine Cleaning Company.
But who will watch the kid? Thats where the amazingly cynical Alan Arkin come into play. He plays Joe, the patriarch of the family. He is the guy who tries to sell back things he bought to other people. Like he'll buy a truckload of fish and then sell it to a resteraunt. Te only problem is that he isnt very good. He hasnt been that good since his wife (their mother) commited suicide. But he makes enough to sustain a good life and provide for his family.
Its a really CUTE movie. Darkly cute actually. Its a black comedy at heart but like Little Miss Sunshine it has heart and its got spunk. Its not the greatest movie ever made but its short, sweet and to the point and never really goes long in any one place. The plot kind of ends abruptly at the end but as the credits role you start to put the pieces together. Overall a good indie comedy so if you like those kind of low budget films this is definetly one to check out.

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