Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Why dont you ever cut your hair?" "I said I wouldnt cut my hair until I got a girlfriend."

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

I enjoy PBS every now and again. It makes some pretty good documentaries and some of them are really interesting. Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill is one of those movies.

WPoTH follows the exploits of Mark Bittner, a former musician from Seattle who moved to North Beach in pursuit of fame and fortune. What ended up happening was him living on the streets for 15 years doing odd jobs and whatever could earn him enough money to survive. He slept on the ground, on roofs and pretty much anywhere he could. One day however he moved into this little cottage near the old San Fransisco steps. While there he got interested in nature and started feeding the non native wild parrots that lived there. Soon everyday they would come and eventually it became a little city landmark and everybody knew the parrot guy. He even named the parrots and gave their back stories.

The film mostly focuses on a few select birds: Mingus, an apparently domesticated bird who can do dancing tricks and likes the life inside. Mingus is a wild child and provides a lot of laughs from me. The second and probably most thought out and the one you get the most attached to is Connor. Connor is different from the group. He has a blue head while the others have red. He was one of the first birds to start coming and he is an old grumpy bird. But its his soft side and caring for others that made me care about Connor.

Mark himself offers great stories and while maybe a tad eccentric he is also quite charming. Overall it is my favorite psuedo nature documentary and it provides laughs, maybe one tear I didnt but to some it might, and its just a feel good movie.


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