Monday, October 19, 2009

Suffering? You haven't seen anything yet.

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Yeah yeah I know. You are tired of seeing Saw reviews. But I gotta review em all! Saw 3 is the end of what a lot of people call "the real trilogy." In other words, despite the three (possibly four) sequels after this, these first three are the one that count. And that makes a lot of sense since the first three are the best and provide closure and ultimatley a potential end end for the series. But as we all know that was not meant to be. Still I consider Saw 3 to be a good stand alone film in the series as well as the peak of the "Any Saw after the first one" films.

Saw 3 literally starts where 2 left off. You learn the characters fate from the second movie, whether he makes it or not, and then the film moves on. This film is mostly focused on Jeff, Lynn and the relationship between Amanda and Jigsaw. Jeff is a recently seperated father of one recovering from the death of his first born. Lynn is a doctor who is sleeping around and uses questionable methods in the operating room. Either way they both get dragged into the WAREHOUSE and thus starts the bulk of the movie. Jeff is put through tests that test Jeff's willingness to forgive. Meanwhile Lynn is forced to try and save Jigsaw's life.

The story in 3 is more developed than most of the other movies in the series and is more developed compared to a lot of other horror films in general. If you liked the first two than you need to see it...otherwise see the other two and then watch this one so it will make more sense. Its still a good movie though.


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