Friday, October 30, 2009

These are my children, Jason. Go back to where you belong.

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Mash up films are a fans dream. Seeing there favorite heroes or villians team up is great and always delivers some interesting parallels and story ideas. One such of these mash up films is 2003's Freddy vs Jason, combining two of the most prolific killers in horror movie history. Explaining what happens after Friday the 13th part 9 (Freddy's hand popping up and grabbing Jason's mask) and before New Nightmere and Jason X, Freddy vs Jason is a cheesy but entertaining mash up film that fares much better than later mash ups that happen (AvP)

The story of the people doesnt really matter. The people are just fodder and there only to be killed off. You are supposed to sympathize with this one girl but like most horror movies you just dont care about them and want to get to the action. The action is immediate as we see Jason killing yet another camper. The twist however is Freddy comes in and strikes a deal with Vorahees. Vorahees isnt that bright and is mostly there to walk, stab, repeat so he happily agrees not knowing that every kill he now does will only make Freddy stronger.

We then see Freddy and Jason play a game of one up as they kill off more and more fodder. In a strange twist however Jason actually becomes the hero of this movie doing all he can to try and stop, and ultimately kill, Freddy. Yeah Jason kills fodder even after this turn but his focus is on Freddy.

The final confrontation is satisfying and fun to watch. Its great to watch there back and forth and ultimately who is the winner. Yeah the fodder "win" in the end but one of them gets a sure victory (or does he!!?) in the end.

Overall its probably one of the better mash up films and is always quite entertaining. So give this one a look see.


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