Monday, March 15, 2010

The Demented Encyclopedia Episode 1-"And Trust me...she's not a vegetarian."

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Many of my frequent listeners will know that I have been a regular podcaster with the Large Association of Movie Blogs doing both their official podcast known as the LAMBcast (check my Audio/Video section) as well as their version of rifftrax known as LAMBtrax (see Audio/Video).

As much as I love the LAMB though I have always wanted to do my own podcast. People seem to like my voice (I haven't heard otherwise) and I certainly have a lot of unique opinions so doing my own podcast certainly didn't seem like a crazy idea but, as usual whenever I get a new idea, there were some hitches: first, I didn't have the recording equipment. It's not that I can't rush over to Best Buy or order it online or anything but it's hard to get stuff working on my computer and every recording I've ever tried doing on here has failed miserably. The second is I hate listening to myself talk...well let me rephrase that...I hate listening to myself talk BECAUSE I end up rambling for three hours without any direction. Because of that I knew that I would need a partner. But who would team up with me? Who would take on the feat known as doing your own podcast? Little did I know that there was someone who wanted to do a podcast and didn't want to do it alone! That person WAS....

...Nick Jobe of Random Ramblings of A Demented Doorknob. A mouthful I know. One of my top five most read bloggers and a pretty good friend to me since joining the LAMB, he too wanted to do a podcast with a partner. So we knocked our heads together and came up with some ideas and before we knew it we had "THE DEMENTED ENCYCLOPEDIA!"

In the debut episode of our weekly podcast Nick and I took on the Oscars. But less about the nominees and whatnot like other people have done but instead our thoughts on the show itself. What was good, what was bad, what made George Clooney so pissed and threw that together. We sandwiched that in between our soon to be regular features of:

  1. Plugs
  2. Reality Round Up (Where we talk about American Idol and Survivor)
  3. If I had Written/Directed (We took on Avatar and Up in the Air)
  4. Recommend a... (Where we recommend a book/movie/DVD/CD)
  5. Monologue/Dialogue/One-liner of the week (Where we do a dramatic interpretation of a monologue, dialogue or a witty one liner)
Coming in at a whopping 96 minutes this bad boy is a long one. But fear not we will try to shorten it in the future...cut us some slack its our first episode. So take a listen up at the top, listen on the sidebar, or download it from iTunes. You will find it under Podcasts if you search "The Demented Encyclopedia."


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  1. Finished this yesterday and am about halfway through ep 2. Dug the Survivor chatter of course, though the length didn't bother me all that much, since you guys spent so much time on American Idol and, as you may know, I don't watch it.

    Loved the intro/outro music that you guys found and was disappointed to not hear it in ep 2. Thought it was kinda Kill Bill-ish and, at the same time, gave me a demented encyclopedia feeling.

    And not to give you too hard a time, but I was considering starting a drinking game based off this episode called "The Part of Me Drinking Game," in which you must take a shot every time you say "well, part of me ..., but another part of me ..." Glad to hear that it's subsided for ep 2. ;) I know, nerves and all.

    Overall, good first ep and you know I'll be listening.