Friday, March 5, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs Villains Interview with Cirie Fields

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Cirie Fields is a hospital coordinator and former nurse and proud mother of three. She is an avid TV watcher and enjoys spending time with her family and friends doing fun activities. She is also a veteran of the reality TV show world. Anyone who has watched Survivor over the years probably knows who Cirie Fields is. She has been on the show three times now, coming in 4th and third her previous times. She is smart, she is crafty and she knows her way around Survivor. But sadly this season was not that good for her as she is the latest Survivor to be booted off the show. I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with Cirie to get her thoughts on life, the game and how things go on the island.

And it went a little something like this:

The Movie Encyclopedia: Thanks for sitting down with me Cirie, I know you've been busy.
Cirie: I'm glad to be here. It's actually been fun doing these interviews and I love talking with the fans.

TME: Cool. Okay here is my first question for ya- What was going through your mind during that last tribal council? Were you worried you were going home?
Cirie: Of course I was. I could feel that target on my back and I knew that if Tom wanted me to go and if J.T. flipped, I was done for. I could sense at tribal council just how weak our alliance really was and I knew that, as soon as Tom played the idol, that I was going to be going home. Not a great feeling really but I had fun while it lasted.

TME: So what was it like being back on Survivor? What were your thoughts when you got there?
Cirie: I was happy, excited, ecstatic and in the end sore. It wasn't as tough as Micronesia was but still it was great to be on there. When I got to the island I was glad to see Stephenie, she's a great person and a strong player and I was actually happy to see Candace, whose not as dumb as they make her out to be. The only person I wasn't happy to see was Tom but only because he is really good at playing the game. I felt with him there my chances went down.

TME: Do you think you'd ever do the show again?
Cirie: I don't know if I'll ever play again. I mean I've already done it three times! All the three timers already have a target on their back because of experience alone and now that America has seen just how powerful my powers of persuasion are that just adds another target to my back. But never say never (laughs).

TME: So do you think Tom's "puppet master" line was truthful?
Cirie: Yeah I think he was telling the truth. I AM pretty good at wrapping people around my finger and looking at things from my perspective. I do disagree with his "weak minded" comment though. It wasn't that I was dealing with weak minds, it's just I knew what I was doing out there. Although there WERE a few weak minds but that's totally different (laughs).

TME: Do you talk with any previous Survivors from past seasons?
Cirie: I still talk with Aras from time to time but with shows like Survivor sometimes life happens and friendships you had can taper off. It's fun to talk with some of the people you were close to and it's always a nice surprise to hear from some of them but for the most part we all kinda just go on with our lives.

TME: Who do you wish WOULD have been on the show?
Cirie: Honestly the one person I would have LOVED to see on there would be Shane Powers (laughs).

TME: Funny because I have a question relating to him-Do/Did you ever talk with him outside of Survivor and is/was he really that crazy?
Cirie: NO! Oh boy that Shane was a loony tune. What you saw on TV was a fraction of his craziness. He made Coach look completely normal. I never talked to him outside of Survivor and I hope it stays that way. He would have made things interesting though especially if he butted heads with Coach.

TME: So I know you love TV and I KNOW Survivor is your favorite but is there any other reality show you like to watch?
Cirie: Oh that's tough because it would probably be a tie between Big Brother and The Amazing Race. I haven't thought about going on Big Brother but I would LOVE to go on The Amazing Race. The only problem is I'm horrible with directions so that would probably be my undoing. It's a surprise I ever get to work on time I'm so bad (laughs).

TME: Okay the million dollar question (pun fully intended)-who should win Survivor?
Cirie: I would have loved to have won but otherwise I'm not sure. Everyone has a really good chance. It's a good season for Survivor and all the players are really smart. I think if the heroes keep going on this self-destructive path it will be their undoing though. I mean it's pretty obvious the villains tribe is a lot more cohesive and functional as a team, even with that crazy Coach and that dirty, rotten scoundrel known as Russell, but I just think unless the heroes can get their egos in check, a villain will probably win.

TME: What did you think being called a hero?
Cirie: I was really flattered but I kinda felt undeserving of that title. I think I would have done a lot better on the villains tribe. Coach, Russell and Boston Rob would be out like that. I'm surprised they voted Randy out last elimination. I mean Randy is a bully but Rob, Coach and Russell are way bigger threats than Randy. But I was a hero so there wasn't much I COULD do.

TME: How is life outside of Survivor?
Cirie: It's great. I love my life, I love my family and my job is going great as well. I was promoted recently from a nurse to coordinator and I'm loving every minute of it. It would have been better to walk out with the million but honestly I can't complain. I went in with a great life and I'm leaving with a great life. No regrets from me.

TME: Final Question-Anything to say to your fans?
Cirie: I'm thankful for all the support over the years and I'm glad that people were still happy to see me. I couldn't ask for better fans and all of you make me happy to have played the game. The support was overwhelming.

TME: Thanks a lot once again for talking with me. Bye
Cirie: Have a great weekend!

Really nice lady...anyway next week another edition of Dylan Fields' (no relation) Survivor Recap over at Blog Cabins and on Friday another castoff interview. Until next time.


  1. Never cared for her on the show, but she seems pretty cool and down-to-earth in the interview. Good stuff. Funny how she brought up Shane first before you got to the question (as I could tell you were leading up to it). Also funny how she said he was even crazier than portrayed on the show.

    But I agree. Some of the people on the heroes tribe certainly aren't heroes... especially Cirie. I mean, J.T. played really sneakily and blindsided a ton of people the last time, and Rupert shot into popularity from his first moments--stealing stuff from the opponents and showing himself off as a true pirate.

    But as they're nice and likable guys, they were put on the heroes tribe.

  2. Ha - brilliant! I'm 2-for-2. I was wondering if you'd seen my official Question Request. :) And her answer was terrific.

    You seem to be getting more and more comfortable with these. Solid interview.