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Survivor Heroes vs Villains Interview with Tyson Apostal

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

After a one week hiatus, probably due to the NCAA basketball tournament, Survivor is back with a very special episode. No it wasn't a recap but the first double elimination of the season! Those are always exciting and even more so for me since that means I get two interviews to do! The first interview I conducted was with none other than Tyson Apostal. Tyson is on a self appointed quest for manhood and is a very vocal blogger and tweeter. His twitter @tysonapostal is full of very smarmy, sarcastic one liners that are both hilarious and sometimes borderline offensive. His blog however is a little deeper however showing video documentation of his quest for manhood as well as his deep analysis on toilets, drifters and other assorted mishaps. Needless to say he is a very vocal contestant and my time spent talking with him was both funny and intriguing. Without further ado...Tyson Apostal:

The Movie Encyclopedia: Hey Tyson thanks for talking with me.
Tyson: Hey dude. I realize it must be tough dealing with both James and myself but I can tell you I am quite good at James impressions so I could kill two birds with one stone.

TME: Really?
Tyson: Yeah. "Hi I'm James. The first two times I played I was edited to look awesome and stoic but this time I looked like the jackass I really am but that doesn't matter because I eat for free because people still think I'm hot."

TME: Wow. I guess you didn't like James.
Tyson: I just thought it was ridiculous that he stayed over Tom. I realize Tom was older but he was actually in pretty good shape. James was a freakin' cripple. No wonder we kept winning challenges because the villains were the only ones using their brains.

TME: What were you thinking about during tribal council?
Tyson: How delicious hot dogs would taste. Seriously though? I thought that Pavarti needed to go home because of the alliance she had with Russell. With HER out of the picture Russell would turn to me and make me his right hand man. That and if we got rid of her NOW then that would mean down the line when it came to the merge I would have a better chance of winning.

The weird thing too is I think Russell thought he was going home. I mean he knew that people would probably have voted against him and that he would HAVE to play the idol which means that the next week he would be voted out for sure. So I guess he wanted to look good for the TV by giving the idol to a "lady" and not looking like a total jackass all the time.

As for my vote flip (trust me if you didn't ask now you would down the line) I did it because I genuinely wanted Pavarti gone. It was a split decision really. I got up to the pulpit (awesome name) and thought long and hard and in the end I wrote Pavarti. When I sat down I figured that if Danielle and Pavarti had a brain in between their thick skulls that they would vote for Russell and get him sent home. I figured that I am the GOD of Survivor and my vote was the one that mattered the most since the most people depended on my vote. But when I saw Russell panic and hand the idol to Pavarti I was like "This is so not happening right now." Essentially I had just voted myself out. If they WOULD have kept me they would have realized what a badass I am. But that was not the plan I guess. I'm still a badass though.

TME: So on the Idol screw up meter you rank?
Tyson: Probably number two. I think that Eric Reichenbach was the biggest screw up in history but I'd like to think that maybe because I didn't KNOW until Russell got up that I was going home and Eric knew immediatley that I may get number one. I mean I've been number one so many times in my life I figure why shouldn't I keep that trend going.

TME: What do you think sent you home?
Tyson: . I think they voted me out because I was the biggest threat. I was a HUGE swing vote, I was extremely good looking, strong, smart and better than everyone else. I think they couldn't handle that and if they couldn't get rid of Russell or Pavarti then they had to get rid of the strongest!

TME: When you and Coach were talking about things that Sandra had said at tribal council it showed a totally different side to you. A "nice" Tyson. Were you and Coach tight?
Tyson: Coach and I were tight. I mean I was his assistant coach. Actually I was higher up than that I was co-coach. Actually no I think in the end I was coaching Coach. That's what...a general manager right? I was Coach's general manager! He's a cool dude though.

As for "nice" Tyson...I honestly I don't think TV displays who you are as a person all the way. You got to see the awesome badass that is Tyson but I'm also a really deep and compassionate person. I was slightly worried that I might lose my hard image by them showing this on TV but then I thought that the ladies love a sensitive guy as well as a tough guy. Add in my looks and you got the complete package!

TME: So what did you do after you were eliminated?
Tyson: I thought to myself "Well I may not get hot dogs but they feed you better when you get eliminated. And you get beer!" I mean the food HAD to be better than coconuts and bananas which I ate religiously on the island so I'd take anything. I think when you are starving like we all were, pretty much any food sounds good. So I got to the area where we eat and had some kick-ass ahi tuna and lava cakes. Granted I had really bad diarrhea afterwards but it was SO worth it to have some good food.

TME: I would say TMI but I've heard worse. So do you have any favorites? People you WANT to win? How about favorite Survivors?
Tyson: I think there are still too many people in the competition to really determine who will win. That and since I'm not getting anything out of this experience I could really care less about who wins. But I think Rob certainly has the most heart out of any of the other players. Maybe Sandra or Courtney too since they were part of my alliance. As for favorite Survivors? Probably myself and if I can't choose myself than probably Jesus. Yeah Jesus.

TME: I gotta ask-do you get recognized a lot?
Tyson: All the time baby. Every morning when I look in the mirror I'm like "Aren't you the stud from Survivor?" and whenever I'm cycling around Europe or in my hometown people always notice me and want a piece of Tyson.

TME: So how is/was living in Europe?
Tyson: While I was doing my cycling I got the opportunity to move to Europe and I've always liked Europe so I thought "Why not?" and moved there. The people there are really nice and friendly, the food is good and the scenery is beautiful, but it does get old after awhile. That and believe it or not I DO get homesick.

TME: So how was the experience?
Tyson: It was a lot of fun. A very different vibe this time around and a little more stressful since you KNOW or have heard of the people in the game. It's easier to play with strangers in my opinion. It was a blast though and you all got to see me on TV and I think that was the greatest gift I could give. All I know is if I got asked to do it again I would do it in a heartbeat. That and I know you all would miss me after a while.

TME: Any final thoughts or words for your fans?
Tyson: I actually hate this question...ummm no, not really. Maybe Mormons Rule?

TME: Works for me. Thanks for gracing me with your prescience.
Tyson: You're welcome.

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  1. Ha - so he did live in Europe (though I was sad to not see a kissing question ;) ). I knew it!

    Sounds like the humble, modest guy we've come to know and love. Oh wait, he doesn't sound like that at all.