Friday, March 12, 2010

Gandhi said that whatever you do in life will be insignificant. But it's very important that you do it. I tend to agree with the first part.

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Remember Me is a film that on first glance may not seem all that impressive. The trailers and posters made it out to be nothing more then your average romance drama. But me, living by my mantra that if no one else will see it, I will, I gave the movie a chance. And what do you know? It was actually pretty good. Sure it wasn't the best film ever made, but in a genre that is inundated with romantic comedies that seem to have been processed out of a factory, a true romantic drama is a diamond in the dirt.

Remember Me tells the story of Ally and Tyler. Ally (Emilie de Ravin) is a young college aged woman whose mother was murdered in front of her when she was younger. Her father Neil (Chris Cooper) is an NYPD detective and because of what happened to his wife, is very overprotective of his daughter. Tyler (Robert Pattinson) works at a bookstore while auditing classes at NYU and has a bit of a depressing past as well. His brother committed suicide and his father and him don't exactly see eye to eye. Thanks to an altercation with Neil, Aidan, Tyler's roommate, gives Tyler the idea to hook up with Ally and then break her heart to get back at Neil. In typical movie fashion, Tyler does so only to actually fall in love with Ally. Their shared tragedies only help them bond more and the sparks fly as they say.

Famed television director Allen Coulter, who also directed the acclaimed 2006 drama Hollywoodland, really helps capture their budding romance and he moves the film along at a pretty steady pace. Will Fetters, who wrote the movie, does a great job of making you care about the two leads and makes their love seem genuine. Pattinson and Ravin do great in their roles, Pattinson especially, who shows that when given the opportunity to show more than one expression, he can be a great actor. Once the Twilight saga fades away, I feel Pattinson will actually be one to watch. Ravin, whose done some pretty good jobs in B grade horror films like The Hills Have Eyes is enjoyable to watch and is very believable in her role.

My only real flaw with the movie is the ending, which could come off as borderline offensive to some. The film uses 9/11 which, 10 years after the fact, is still a tender subject to many. I mean if a film's main focus is 9/11 or something that came out of 9/11 like Reign Over Me, then that's usually okay. But the way it comes off, at least after the first viewing of the film, is that Fetters needed to make the title of the film relevant and used an American tragedy to bring the "Remember Me" part of the film home. That being said however I know 9/11 affected many people and that a film like this shows that those you love could be stripped away at any moment and for that I respect the film and it's decision to use 9/11. Would I have used something different? Probably, but I respect Fetter for the message he was trying to get over.

Overall Remember Me is a well done, well acted romantic drama and shouldn't be written off just because of the inclusion of Pattinson. While the ending may offend some, overall it's a touching portrayal of love and one people should give a look.


This is an addendum to the review written on January 11th, 2011:

If you would have told me when I first wrote this review that it would be my most discussed review ever, I probably would have laughed at you. I wrote the review in March after having just watched the film, gave it a surprisingly glowing review with only one flaw, a somewhat questionable ending that may offend some, and gave it my 3.5 star rating. A few months later the stats section on Blogger was added and when I went to check I was surprised to find out that this was my most viewed review. It was probably due to the Gandhi quote but what I didn't expect was all the hate. My original review wasn't much different then the one you see now but I kept getting all these comments on how I was a horrible person who hated the movie and didn't get the movie's ending. So I re-wrote the review explaining how I actually quite enjoyed the movie and that I understood the ending. But I pointed out that the fact remained that it may still offend some people. I even went so far to write out the plot for them and show I did watch the movie. But I still got a ton of hate comments and e-mails and after a while I just stopped caring and let them do as they please. I re-wrote it one last time, this time a near mirror image of the original review and since then it's been quiet. But I'm still willing to bet it will piss off some people and more hate comments will ensue. But you know what? I'm okay with that.


  1. All this controversy over the ending makes me even more interested in this movie (granted, that's easy, as I wasn't interested at all before). But I know what you mean about Twilight making good actors uncredible. Kristen Stewart is a really good actress, but she's awful in Twilight.

    As for Pattinson, he was technically only in 1 Harry Potter movie (Goblet of Fire). He was shown in a picture and a flashback in Order of the Phoenix, but it was just footage from the previous movie.

  2. I actually don't like the Twilight series or the movie, but I completely agree with you. Robert Pattinson is not given the credit he deserves. I have seen some of his movies where he did pretty well, and I have to admit when I saw the trailer for this one, it looked interesting to me.
    He should probably start playing other characters in indie movies like this too. Maybe people will see that he actually is a real actor, and not just a wannabe 'vampire heart throb.'

  3. I actually thought the ending was very well done - I really loved the movie and after watching it yesterday I will go and see it again today!




    omg He's sooo perfect...

  5. Looking for the quote of Gandhi, I just came here by accident and I can't help it but each time I see that RM or its end is not fair judged (IMO) I need to defend the movie. With all respect but I think that this time you didn't see what others did. The ending of RM was the beginning of the story!! Why Tyler, why his story and not Ally's or Aidan's? Because he was the one who was going to die! Why didn't the audience know what was going to happen? Because in reality nobody knew what was going to happen that day, no one exept Al Quaida. Why is the ending so shocking? Because the feelings everyone felt that day are triggered again. The hidden anger for what happened on 9/11 is projected to the movie.
    The story is fiction but we all can relate to the characters and the screenwriter read everything published in the papers about all this people who lost their lives. RM is in the first place a tribute to those people. I just can't understand why this seems so difficult to get, while my 16-year old daughter got it immediately. Young people, all over the world, need to see RM to 'feel' better what 9/11 meant to all the New York citizens. Is this subject still too delicat for Americans, even after 9 years? I do think so and, though I understand this very good, it may not be the reason to bash a movie. The victims may not be forgotten and films such as RM honour them. I live in a country in Europe where two world wars took place and I grew up with the memories of their cruelty, told by my family and by many movies. Sorry, English is my 3rd language.

  6. Tyler: Gandhi said that whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it's very important that you do it because nobody else will. Like when someone comes into your life and half of you says: "You're nowhere near ready". And the other half says: "Make her yours forever". Michael, Caroline asked me what would I say if I knew you could hear me. I said: "I do know. I love you. God, I miss you, and I forgive you.

  7. Are you all that shallow? The movie had to end that way. If you pay attention to the quote it says it all. Dont you get it? He had to die in the end. Not only is it a rememberence of september 11th, but it shows the change that he created on everyone around him and that he didn't die in vain. He did what he was meant to do. Make things better for his sister in school, help his dad to spend more time with the family, and in the end right before he died he found out that his dad really did love him. It had to end that way to make a point

  8. I loved that movie, and even though I felt slapped in the end too, I'm not going to say I didn't like it, because it was the best part of it all. I knew from the beginning Tyler was going to die, I just didn't know how. I thought it would be suicide, or sth of sorts. I had the feeling he would kill himself. But then things started to get better and I thought : what the hell, this will be a happy ending. And out of the blue, he's standing there in his father's office, which turns out to be one of the towers, and well... we all know what happens next. At first I was shocked(And I must say it brought back my blurred memories from that day), but then I knew that the director had reached his target. Easy, we don't decide how a movie has to end, if we did so, all of them would be just more of the same.

  9. The ending shows that the approximately 2,792 casualities are not just a statistic but loved ones of so many. it shows that eachh person had a story, had a life. Allen Coulter and Will Fetters displayed just this.

  10. i think the ending is important cause his death brought his family together.

  11. I think ending is important as well. As a New Yorker who experienced the same thing I thought the movie was perfect. It is what it is... and happy endings aren't realistic for a lot of people. It showed what it was like for so many of us and didn't sugar coat it. You say its a slap in the face but that's reality and I think its good that they didn't try to make it into a happy ending because in reality there's nothing happy about it... they showed it for what it was and this movie should make everyone appreciate life more and realize that anyone can be taken for you at any time....

  12. Ah sorry, but I think you missed the whole point. Yes, it was a love story, but that was only one small part of the movie and, in my opinion, just used to convey another channel in which you can deeply affect ones life. In essence I think that is what the movie was about, the effect that people can have on each others lives and how, if you're willing to, you can make people see something they're missing or just help a person through their own struggles.

    Your comment on the ending... Well yeh, it is a bit of a slap in the face and no it doesn't provide "closure or reasoning" but what else can you expect. Life doesn't always provide you with a convenient, neatly wrapped little ending that sums everything up. Shit happens, that is life. And I'm not sure if you were paying attention, but the fact he died encouraged, almost forced the other characters to pursue the positive ways in which he influenced their lives.

    Sorry dude but were you watching the right movie?

  13. Obviously those who don't get it aren't too bright! How could anyone with any heart at all not have loved this movie??? The Ghandi quotes were so significant and I agree the first anon who says that Pattinsin did so much to get his family closer together good and bad..He helped his little sister and helped his dad to realize how wrong he was to work all the time to the point of the little sister thinking her father hated her. Great movie, and it showed no disrespect at all to 9 11 and I too was very close to a girl who died in the building that day. We must never forget the date it happened and we also must never forget over time that it did happen so what the hell is wrong with adding that into the ending? All you critics and stupid asses who didn't quite understand the movie better not watch The matrix or any brain twisters because this one Remember Me was straight up easy to get. Best role Brad's played by far!

  14. I love this movie. Well acted. Very poignant and the twists are incredible. Fantastic movie.

  15. Well, taking into account that the person who wrote the review shown in this website did not identify herself or himself in the end of it I cannot direct what I'm going to write here to an "actual name". What I find is that you seem not either to have watched it in a way like REALLY PAYING ATTENTION TO IT or you actually didnt get the end, because in the foregoing text you wrote you mention that the father find out whom Ally is dating and then slaps her, which wasn't true, he slapped her because she got home in the next day without very much of a notice, just later he finds out whom the guy is. Another mistake on your part was Charles and Tyler were not both in WTC and therefore both of them did not die. Tyler was with Jannine at his dad's office looking at pictures on his dad computer and his dad said that it would take a while for him to get at the office, nevertheless Tyler said he would wait anyway, therefore you realize that both were not together, and if you don't realize from what I wrote, just check out the end of the movie, it shows perfectly Pierce Brosnan's character getting out of the car and looking towards the sky or towards a building very high (WTC).
    About the end, I found it very interesting, specially to me, a US noncitizen. I think that if you really analyze that, you will see why the usage of the WTC tragedy. It's not a matter of using it better or not, I guess it's more about using something that nobody thought it would ever happen. Murders, suicide and assaults are things that, whether you like or not, happen all the time, it's became "common" in our lives depending on where you are at. Now, what is really unexpected is that when something is changing towards the good, you are back with your girlfriend/boyfriend, your careless dad/mom starts paying more attention to you and all that, then the movie author, which in real world would be Life, needs something exquisite to make us or better, force us to think that we should live every moment as if it was the last or at least really live it, because we don't know about tomorrow, we don't know what may or may not happen. Just live every moment, don't ever wait for a second chance because we may not have it. After all, nobody thinks that their beloved ones that they just got reconnected with or just got back together, are going to die in a tragedy that becomes history. This is all what it's about. Living every second, falling deeply in love with, never avoiding anything good...
    I loved the end.

    By Carolina - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  16. Hey guy-who-apparently-knows-the-movie, although i agree with some points you make, I feel like Remember Me is just one of those films that had one of those unexpected endings when you first watch it. I watched it for the 3rd time last night, and after knowing the ending I noticed many hints in the plot line about how it the WTC could be involved.

    For example,

    1. It is clear the father works for a large corporation of some sort (yes I know a lot are in New York)
    2. In the business meetings, (many, many, many different ethnicities and foreigners (not meant to be discriminatory)
    3. If someone read the back of the dvd copy, or read the intro on websites or any of that, it mentions "In the summer of 2001", and continues to mention how Tyler and Ally meet. Thus, setting time period - September 11th = end of summer, and with them being in New York it makes you think, "oh yeah! duh!"
    4. All the talks of "you never know when we could die" (first example = their first date and the talks about desert)
    5. Obviously the date on the board in the class
    6. When Tyler was going to meet his dad at the office you see the elevator going up 50+ stories.

    I'm sure there are more but those are just a few that popped up in my head.



  17. I LOVED this movie I cried at the end and so did my mother as she was watching it with me.

    Its a very deep and moving movie.

  18. This movie was amazing !!! at the end It sorrda takes a twist and I cryed when I realized what the movie was really about.

    amanda ....

  19. loved this film very touching and i think that the end was brilliant and brought alot of rememberences of the 9/11 and i was i tears all the time great film and thums up to the producers

  20. I love the movie. I think its the best i have seen in recent years.