Friday, October 23, 2009

Aw, there's something behind me, isn't there?

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Video games based on movies and movies based on video games usually suck...badly. I can count on maybe one hand the amount of REALLY good movie based video games and i can maybe think of one or two good movies based on games and DOOM is one of them. Now dont get me wrong its not a great movie and its never gonna win ANY awards but in terms of doing the game justice the DOOM movie does that much.

If youve played the DOOM games then you know the whole plot to the movie, with a few exceptions. The essential plot is this: Mars has science and is doing experiments. They open up the floodgates of Hell (or open the floodgates of a rapid acting mutated super virus that turns people into demonized super creatures or zombies) and the base goes to pot. The government sends in Marines to solve the problem. One man is left standing and must fight his way through demon after demon. For the most part, the film does a great job with this. Its not a deep story by any means and does have its fair share of corny lines and bad acting but it has a good action/sci fi flair. You can tell the writer and director were trying but werent going to try to hard like some others have in the past.

I must point out one of the nice things is the departure from most horror movies standards. Those standards that this movie breaks (and is much appreciated by me) is:
The black man dies first
If you are being chased by a creature you WILL die
If you fall in a whole with a creature you are SCREWED
'' '' '' you will get your butt handed to you without a fight
The damsel in distress
The stupid teammates

This movie does a good job of breaking those stereotypes and instead relies on creativity in the film.

Its not a great movie, nor is it that good. But it is (to me) still worth a look at if you like sci fi action thrillers and are a fan of the game series. It is one of the few movies based on games that does justice to the original license. And I appreciate that.


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